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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

I kind of hate Walker mowers

I have been attempting to mow today. There has been a heavy dew. My Walker mower plugs continuously.

The problem is in the deck design. The blades throw the grass towards the opposite blade and the impeller has to suck the material up a foot long chute. 
There are baffles and guides in the deck which are designed to guide the material but they are not self cleaning.

Wet grass builds up all around the blades and soon it plugs. Going slow of course is essential but I don't see the point in owning a mower you have to clean out every dump if you have shade or dew.
It works fine in dry grass or if you are sucking up dead leaves along the side of the road. Works ok to suck junk out of flowerbeds also.

The second problem is that it is useless in mud or slick grass. The center of gravity is too far back and it puts all the weight on the single caster wheel in the back.
You can't climb hills or mow side hills unless you go in reverse.
And the seat is a brick.
I've found it to be faster to use our Kobota mower to mow everything I can do with a big mower, let it sit a day to dry, and then redo where I need to remove cut grass.
Now I'm going to go swear at it some more.


  1. The wife is currently trying to mow our over-high & damp grass, & having the same problem. At least you can tip the deck up to clean it.

    1. Ah yes, but this is not over high grass. This was mowed last week. Just taking it down an inch.

  2. And they will complain at you for that.

    1. The Walker is considered a premium lawnmower. I find it hard to understand why. My coworkers like them even though they are also unplugging them. I think the reason is that they work in dry grass. So the end of the day the grass is dry and that is all anyone remembers.

  3. Get yourself a twenty year old John Deere like mine. It never plugs. Now if I just had time to use it.

    1. I like the twenty year old Toro they have.

    2. Ah, but does it pick up the clippings when the grass is damp?


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