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Monday, February 15, 2016

My expected view today

I think it will rain


  1. There may be a future employment for you on the weather network.

  2. Does that say "your key right p" or "your key right pocket" or what? FYI I liked the direct post, now gone. Sometimes things just need to be said.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. It says put your keys in your right pocket. I keep forgetting.
      The passenger side instructs my work study student to remind me my keys are in my right pocket.
      It works.
      People don't want to hear what you really think. In fact there is no real reason to share what you really think.
      If you have to tell someone something that they are doing something stupid, they are not going to appreciate it. If they were not stupid they would not be doing it to begin with.
      And, most likely is has long ago been rationalized to the point where the wrong act is now totally justified.
      All you do is contribute to their sense of victimization. Which is good in a sense as it gives their pathetic lives meaning.
      I mean really, what's in it for you? If they liked you they would ask your opinion. If they don't like you they won't ever really like you. AND if you do apologize and get it all worked out they will either want to hug, or then burden your life with all their stupid self-inflicted problems.
      Its best to just shut up and walk away...

  3. I'm a grounds guy at my College so I am trying to figure what machine you are operating? Red frame....earmuffs needed.....Toro mower?

    1. It is an old Gator painted red. School colors. Has a cab on it.


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