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Monday, February 8, 2016

A Beautiful Day At School

A collection of jumbled thoughts...
It was a beautiful morning and there was a promise of a beautiful day. The sun came up over the neighbor's big white barn, or as we call it, the movie screen, across the road.
There was a hint of frost on the grass but the promise of sun and the weatherman claiming highs in the 60's prompted me to button the liner in my leather jacket and ride my motorcycle to work.
It wouldn't start.
Well actually, it started and when I took the choke off it died.
I should have walked out to the shop and kicked over the Triumph. Two kicks, well... two really good kicks, would have brought that old girl to life. However, it was not properly polished and I do hate to ride a dirty Triumph.
I took the car.
I spent the day cleaning flower beds.
I really don't get my job.
I pruned a "weeping white pine" into an interesting shape. Actually, it looks like a scarecrow. I think I'll prop a face on it tomorrow.
I found a slightly flat basketball in the shrubbery.
I discovered you can make a basketball levitate with a really powerful leaf blower.
I discovered that if you buy low thread count leggings in the fall when you are skinny and then continue wearing them when you have put on a few extra pounds in the winter, people can tell if you are wearing underwear.
Finding out the girls were wearing underwear has been a great relief to me. I worry about things like good hygiene.
I watched kids go by with backpacks who looked like they were concentrating and I kept thinking of this song lyric.

"Jammin' our heads full of figures and angles and tellin' us stuff that we already know"

Two of my work study students went by and waved at me. I was wearing headphones and attempted to make a joke by "duckwalking" with my rake as a fake guitar but the guy turned away just as it did it so I just looked silly.

A girl who I don't know caught me throwing the basket ball in the air and trying to catch it with the air from my leaf blower. She thought this was hilarious.
I hope no one reports me.

I'm not very good at my job but I wave at everyone and am always happy help when I'm asked. I suspect this will be adequate. 

I read up on robbing banks at lunch time. I don't think I would make a good bank robber. I'd probably feel guilty and want to give the money back...

I came home and worked on the grain drill. I wish I made enough money I only needed to have one job. I would have really cool hobbies.

I would love to turn the pieces of the BSA 250 I bought years ago into a mini Cafe Racer. I won't.
I want to build a Plinth for my Dual 1019.
I figured out how to machine bearings for the old Fairchild tonearm I got from MuddyValley. I think I can cut down a tiny drill bit for the bearings and turn out a mounting spindle on the lathe. 
I'd hook the lathe I know how to use, back up to a line shaft.
I'd sell my grain drill out of state. Or give it to a young farmer.
I'd get rid of a lot of junk...
I'd eat the goats...
I'd ride my motorcycle...
Anyone with a spare 1.2 million dollars may contribute. This blog would be interesting!!!
(for a change)


  1. When I win the jackpot, I'll that 1.2 M right along. Hang in there.

  2. totally think you should have a goat bbq. totally.

  3. Very nice article..
    Thanks for sharing! I am delighted to read this article.

  4. Well Donald Trump is a billionaire but I don't find his stories as interesting as yours.

  5. I don't think I'm getting that 1.2 million...


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