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Friday, February 21, 2014

The single biggest threat to small to medium sized farms

Is the gubment...
We lost our essential civil rights with the so-call patriot act. Our right to health food and freedom to farm in a sustainable medium scale manner while appreciating biodiversity is at risk. Meaning, if a deer or a goose poops in your hay field, you might have to do isolation to keep it out of your hay bale.
The 2011 Food Safety Modernization act is what I am talking about.
Read this article in from the Rodale institute.
We got a speech about this from a grass seed salesman today. The FDA is proposing to regulate hay sales, grass straw sales, and grain sales.
Food grade grease for the baler?
Of course the conventional mainstream farmers didn't care about this issue when they thought it wouldn't directly affect them.
It is for our own good, for the children...
Speaking of children I have really come to understand why we have fewer really good teachers than we used to have. Why in the world would anyone ever want to become a teacher when you have to realize your life could by ruined by one school policy change.


  1. insanity all around. that is the truth.

    1. Well you certainly will have to tell the employees to stop pooping in the corn field!

  2. I guess we all need to have our own little patch of ground to grow just enough to feed ourselves and our family. That way maybe we could operate free of the confines of a misguided system of rules and regulations. Oh yeah, I can see that happening.

    1. But you also have to make money to pay taxes. Perhaps it really is time to move to Canada. Need any new neighbors?

    2. Sure thing Budde. Although you will be bidding against the Chinese and Indians. Heres 512 acres near me for $810,000. Good land. Five minutes from the bar and coffee shop.

  3. I think the current, single, biggest threat to the farm, small and medium businesses, and the country, in general, is the "guberment"


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