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Monday, February 17, 2014

Some musings on a rainy Monday

I have a problem with this blog.
When I check my statistics I see that there are quite a few local followers.
I don't mind complaining and/or telling tales to people who are on the other side of the country. If there is an exaggeration here or a couple omitted facts there or an embarrassing story about myself, I feel no shame.
The very name of the blog, "The Daily Strumpet/Lazy Farmer" pretty much gives you a clue that the writer's grasp on reality is not exactly as firm as it could be.
The Daily Strumpet name comes from a print newsletter which I did for many years. The print version was in a newspaper format with articles which exaggerated everyday events to fit my odd sense of humor.
The Lazy Farmer blog has been more of a tension release. I kept the Strumpet title so that former readers of the newsletter could find the blog through search engines.
The thing is that I have no idea who is reading this blog or what throw-away-comment will come back to haunt me. Meaning, what if I offend someone I like-by accident?
The saving grace is that people I know and tell about the blog usually get bored and stop following after six months. It is usually people who don't know me that keep following.
I've considered three options,
1. Quitting completely. I only have two or three subjects. My farming career is sort of a train wreck. I'm not sure I need to share it.

2. Going completely public. Real names! No censor bars across faces! A disclaimer, "hey this is a joke if you don't like it go way back and sit down!"

3. An different blog. You would have to email me to transfer over. There would be no searchable terms from the old blog. No Daily Strumpet. Probably would keep the Lazy Farmer name but would look at Wordpress.

Just thinking about this as several things have put me into a introspective mood. Anyone remember why Frank James quit?


  1. 4. A different blog available by invitation only. You are a kind man and might end up at the same place after a few nice enough people you know but don't really get it (or think they get it but have issues with what you might have to say) request transferring over.

  2. Well I don't know you very well but ..... I enjoy your ramblings . I will have to comment more or donate more to keep you going :>)

  3. what about the corn? think of the corn, man! where would we get our pictures? um... yeah so... sure. whateva.. just take me with you.
    ps i offend everyone *shrugs* and you never know who is reading. thats part of the magic.
    - said the person who is obsessively anonymous
    ps make sure you take your blog list with you cuz i gotta know if that guy gets a job. you know of whom i speak.

    1. The corn? That's important, but it's really the tractors! If there were no tractors, well, there would be no corn.

  4. Speaking as a farmer who still has 60 year old equipment in his shed, you can probably guess how I feel about change Budde. I get lots of views from some rather unusual and questionable sources too ( for one. Probably some virus laden porn site. I'm not going to find out.

  5. Just do whatever the voices tell you and you won't go wrong! It works for me!

  6. Like the corn. Like the tractor. Like the tractor beating up the land and the corn. Love your loyal side kick.
    Is this where I request more movies??

    1. I think it is. Is this where we request warm weather for the movies?

  7. When I think that my blog audience is probably my father and two of my brothers, I just remind myself that I didn't start it for them but for myself. Currently living in the People's Communist Republic of Portland and being a conservative I'm mostly talking to myself anyway.

  8. 1. I enjoy the train wreck farming commentary. I worked as an IT executive many years. Most of that was a train wreck, too.
    2. You're good at it so there's no real reason to quit.
    3. I have actually followed a few of your music links. I have some vintage stereo gear that I never use, but should.
    4. My favorite blogs seem to go away. (e.g. The Happy Trappers). Those that persist typically are a bore or written by people much to full of themselves (self-important).
    5. I read yours because we did not move to Oregon when we had a chance. Instead I remain in this god-forsaken Minnesota where I just spent two days removing ice and snow from roofs and another 7" is forecast for tomorrow.
    6. Do what your gut tells you. Most internet blog comments come from people who are avoiding making the right choices for their own lives.

  9. Thanks, I've been concentrating on my wife's issues. You would not believe how badly the "Christian" School did her. I no longer give a rats bottom who reads the blog. I'd start using my own name if it would just be confusing...
    Have a nice day...


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