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Thursday, February 6, 2014

It is getting cold up on the roof

Snow has arrived.


  1. at first i was gonna poke fun at the good folks in Oreygone but then i saw that huge wreck on the 5... the snow and bad weather isnt very funny. :-/ stay warm and safe!

  2. I saw that forecast last night and thought maybe it might just hit the high elevations of the West. I like to watch KTLA news sometimes just for their weather (Los Angeles). Where their daytime average temperatures are warmer than the inside of my house even with the furnace running. They could use a little snow.

  3. The problem with snow in Oregon is the accompanying ice. It often starts snowing when the ground is a little warmer and then there is not enough snow to insulate the ground and then it gets colder. So you have a sheet of ice under an inch of snow.
    We had frozen ground when the snow started falling but then I think we may have got freezing rain at some point. The pavement is pretty slick in front of our house. My brother is driving truck and is stuck at a rest stop. He said he saw lots of emergency vehicles passing him and he decided to just pull over. Then he heard there was a pileup so he just parked, but now he can't move without chains until the snow plow goes through.
    The other problem with I-5 is that you are driving along and all of a sudden you are in snow. The weather conditions can change a lot faster than you think and as you drive you go from warm damp weather into ice and it happens at 60-70 mph.
    In my opinion...

    1. I think the opposite is going to happen Sunday. The ground has been cooled with 20* weather & then insulated with snow. When the rain starts, it may form a layer of ice under the slush and make the roads really hazardous for another day. I'm probably right because I have a weather station & that gives me as much right to predict the weather as the perky girls on tv. :-)

    2. Just measured 34* in the ground under the snow. 36* in the air. How strange. I guess I won't be getting that job as a weatherman.

  4. There you go, using four-letter words!

  5. We have about five feet on snow along the driveway. I put a ladder against the house and climbed up on the roof where there's about two feet of snow. I tried to think of a much warmer place, like Oregon.


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