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Monday, July 15, 2013

No justice no peas...

We are seeing the perfect illustration of the term, "undeniable virtue of the oppressed." It will be an awesome teaching moment for the children.
You can dress like a gangster, beat the crap out of someone, get yourself shot, and become a cultural icon- if you fit the current definition of an oppressed class.
You certainly would not want to use the moment to caution your kids about wandering about late at night dressed like a stereotypical potential criminal.
You certainly would not teach your children to actually read about a news event before running out in the street to protest.
I've told my daughter time and time again, just put your glasses on,  kick the mean boy in the knee, start crying and say, "he hit me." Nobody will argue with a cute little girl with glasses on.
"Support Whirled Peas," is my slogan.
If makes about as much sense as the blather I've been hearing about racism.
Wonder if the Justice Dept is still helping to organize the rallies?
I'm more annoyed by real racial profiling stories of which there are many on the internet which I did not take the time to link to. Non-criminal looking people of color do get picked on unjustly. Just not in this case.
Why are all the people with the "Question Authority" bumper stickers such utter tools?


  1. Somebody on "Guy's" show the other day made whirled peas. She used it as pesto.

  2. Where is the justice of the peas?

  3. I've seen the pictures of Trayvon's dead body on the internet, and he doesn't look particularly thuggish. He's wearing a regular pair of trousers, not baggy hip-hop gangsta pants.

    No socks. Are you going to give your wallet to a kid with no socks?

    Hoodie is just some marketing executive putting a cool name and a higher price tag on the hooded sweatshirt you'll find in hanging on a hook in every farmer's mudroom.

    As for profiling, George Zimmerman claims, probably truthfully, that he was calling the cops on all the suspicious looking kids - black, white, and hispanic.

    The truth is Trayvon Martin got shot for slugging the creepy ass cracker in the nose and grinding his head into the sidewalk. That might make anyone mad enough to shoot someone.

    I'd have voted for manslaughter, but it's a close judgment call. I'd say he deserved to serve the time in prison a drunk driver would get for killing someone.

    I couldn't disagree more with the juror who has gone on TV saying she'd be happy to have Zimmerman on watch in her neighborhood now that he's learned his lesson. That's what we get for letting women serve on juries.

    Still, if some guy with a "No Justice, No Peace" sign comes after you, I'd acquit you for shooting him, or for force feeding him some peas.

    1. Yeah, you are right. Punching the guy with the gun was a bad move.
      And I really hate rent-a-cops.
      It was not racist.

    2. What about a "No Peas, No Mashed Potatoes" sign?
      If the kid would have just kept walking, or ran, or stopped and been polite or hit Z a lot harder, he would have been alright.
      I read that T fit the description of kids who had been doing local crimes. Of course it would have been a pretty generic description. I can see how the Feds would get him on a THought Crime as he was reporting people who fit the local crime profile. Which falls under the statement "most crimes have been committed by black kids in hooded sweatshirts but not all black kids in hooded sweatshirts are criminals." This is kind of a complex thought for people to deal with. It is easier to call racism.
      Z. probably should not have been doing amateur neighborhood watch by himself, nor should he have got out of the truck. However, it sounded like the dispatcher did ask him to keep an eye on TM.
      There is a lot of responsibility that comes with carrying a firearm. I'm not sure how I feel about the verdict.
      If Z would have waited for the cops, and TM had "resisted" and the cops would have shot him. There would have been no trial. That is just the way it works...


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