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Monday, July 8, 2013

A flower

Or two flowers, or three flowers...
I have nothing to say.
A week of stacking hay bales awaits me...
I have to make pig feed...
The A/C doesn't work on that tractor I bought from Smith and Smith. This fully completes my opposite universe understanding of Northwest Missouri.
Instead of lying to me about the tractor, he merely lives in an opposite universe. This theory makes complete sense to me now that EVERY single positive feature of the tractor has turned into a negative issue. Meaning he said the A/C worked the last time they used it...
So it was just opposite day and if I would have understood that I would have had a much better negotiating position.
I just assumed that since my relatives are from Mo and they are completely and at times painfully honest, thus everyone else is.
Northwest Mo is from the wrong side of the Mason-Dixon line...
Here are some flowers...


  1. The lesson is: Never buy a tractor sight unseen from Mo............ or Curly for that matter.

    1. However, Larry is a pretty honest and straight forward sort of guy.

  2. There is some old saying about Missouri being the "show me" state? Not sure if that applies here but it would have been nice if they seller could have shown you that everything worked on the tractor. Heading out to cut hay here and my AC worked last time I used it. If it doesn't, well I might not be back.

    1. You don't notice the a/c so much until it doesn't work.

  3. We're rootin' for ya Budd! (And Ralph.)

  4. I am familiar with that style of lying.

    "The A/C worked the last time I used it." Of course it did, if it hadn't worked they wouldn't have been able to use it. But did it work the last time they tried to use it?

    Northwest Missouri is a mixed bag. Some real salts of the earth, some real scoundrels.


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