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Monday, August 20, 2012

Jico Electronics sent me a T-Shirt and I should buy a new stylus from them

I can't quite figure it all out.
JICO is reported to have the highest quality replacement styli for phonographic cartridges. They are a bit more expensive at times due to the decline of the dollar, but if you figure the stylus I am replacing lasted 30 years then paying what is essentially $2 a year to listen to the Legendary Stardust cowboy in hi-fi is the deal of the century.
I have yet to find a lovely lass to model the shirt. Perhaps I'll just wear it myself. A farmer who is out-standing in his field...
You do need to check out their blog. I find it amazing to see an English language campaign for a Japanese company to promote a blog on their products and company that is written in Spanish.
And now I go to work...
As Willie Nelson said, "and tomorrow starts the same old thing again..."


  1. Personally, I think an old sewing needle, cut to the right length, would do just fine to play the 'Ledge's albums in their best light.

    1. you use use the sewing needle to play the record or would you jam it in your ear?

  2. MV may have a point. Just be sure you use the cut end.

  3. If you could rig in a faulty governor maybe from a MMZB and get random plus and minus seven to thirteen per cent rpm, the experience would be complete.

  4. So what I think you are saying is that you are all not fans of the Legendary Stardust cowboy?


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