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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I ruin two steaks

I am a terrible cook.
My wife staying with her father. Not because of my cooking but because he broke a rib.
All day yesterday I was thinking about the two steaks in the refrigerator.
I had slathered them in Worcestershire sauce, garlic and salt and I could image the salty goodness after I had properly charred them on the BBQ.
Yesterday was a properly frustrating day.
I now have only 8 semi-truck loads of 2-tie wheat straw and 4 loads of 3 tie on 120 acres of wheat stubble and 80 acres of prennial ryegrass and everyone else is finished.
Plus, 80 acres of oat straw to stack for a neighbor, plus another 120 acres of straw from wheat purposely mixed with oats, plus, it is going to rain next Monday.
However, the straw was too wet to bale.
How could this happen when we have had temps past the 100 degree mark? I really don't know. I am pretty sure the moisture tester in the baler is accurate. I did get out and stab the bales with the hand held moisture tester.
I baled the 350 bales of really crappy looking fescue straw at 16-18 percent but I doubt it would have been export quality anyway. (I can explain all that if you wish but I really need to be at work)
So, I quit early and came home to BBQ a steak.
I found a box of corn on the steps that someone had left for us. This is the first local corn I have had.
I cleaned the silks out of a couple ears and soaked them in water while I waited for the gas grill to heat up.
I could see there was a problem with the steaks but we will get to that later.
I put the corn on first on high heat and singed the ears good and proper. Then I put the corn on the upper grate and the steaks on the center grate. Our gas grill gets a little too hot.
The steaks were very thick so I cut some slices into them to make them cook faster.
What is supposed to happen is the garlic and salt tenderizes and flavors the meat but it also burns off when the meat is cooked. That is why you use coarse salt.
I did not have coarse salt.
I resisted the urge to cook the steaks on high as their were sirloins. It tends to make them tough.
I actually took 30 minutes to cook them on lower heat. I did carve the nicely burnt edges away and eat them like candy. I'm a bit strange that way.
The dog got a woodie watching me cook so I gave him some fat. It made him very happy.
The steaks were good. They turned out very tender.
The salt did not fall off.
I like salt. My wife does not.
Perhaps if I scrape the left overs. If I am home I will eat them for lunch. I should have had them for breakfast.
I wonder if you can be arrested for ruining top quality cuts of meat with your gas grill? If so I am a serial offender...
The corn was good. The moisture from soaking the ears stays in the husk so it kind of boils it.
Have a nice day...
Pray the rain holds off for another week...


  1. When it comes to cooking I am more of a lazy farmer than you. Most of my cooking is either in the microwave or a cast iron frying pan. Had pretty fair luck with steaks in the cast iron pan although I have made a few into shoe leather too.

  2. If you eat the evidence, you can't be arrested.

  3. Still raining here on and off so you're lucky. I'm about 25 - 30 minutes away from Worcester where they make the sauce (I love it on fish cakes!). Dog got a woodie - love your way with words!

  4. Kev just likes that term because he's a woodworker. I'll pray that you get the good weather you need. (Yeah, literally!)

    1. Well they delayed the rain a bit

    2. I like the crude (I work on building sites after all)! I love that you guys use differnt terms to us - stiffy anyone?

  5. Central Oregon GrownAugust 23, 2012 at 8:43 AM

    I for one miss Ashes was nice to let
    Sharon do the cooking and clean up....Now she
    has closed, thank you City Fathers, she has
    put her hat in the ring for Mayor. I know
    times are tough but if you have a spare $20
    I am sure her campaign could use the funds.
    I like you live out of town this would be a
    way to be involved.


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