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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anger Management?

I've been trying to get my stupid 20 acres finished at Gopher Valley. So far I've used 200 gallons of diesel, made 8 trips across it, and today I broke my cultipacker.
It is an international 913 or something like that. It has cast iron brackets that attach the rollers to the frame. 
I've made three trips with it, well four if you count the first pass after plowing with the disk ahead of it... Anyway, I had finished the main field, I kind of decided to give up on it as the ground is now totally dry and will not pack, I figured if I got it down to the size of marbles I would let it set all summer and perhaps get a sprout in the early fall. So, I do the last little corner which had a lot of sod, the harrow kept plugging up so I made a trip through the briar patch at the edge of the field to clean out the harrow. The tractor pulled down and I looked back through the dust in time to see the roller jam under the wheels.
I get everything unjammed and go after my pickup for tools to remove the broken mounts. I forgot to lock the hubs, but I did make it across the creek that only runs when I need to do work in my field. But, on the way back I got stuck. I got out by locking the hubs and rocking the truck back and forth but now I screwed up my crossing and the creek is flooding my field. 
I also managed to nail myself in the knee with a sledgehammer and scrape and bruise my arm at the same time by scraping it down the broken casting when the wrench slipped off the suck nut.
Sometimes I really hate my job....Life....other farmers....Gopher Valley.... Everything....

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