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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot weather

It is warming up. I like it in the 70-80 degree days. Was having lunch at the Amity Cafe. Saw a huge motorhome. Fellow and wife was from Texas. Had a nice chat. They are somehow connected with Texas A&M U. They said it was 90 back home and humid. They were happy to be down the road.
Employee sick yesterday. I worry about him. Not a good thing to weigh 350lbs.
Yesterday I worked on the combine instead of working ground. Lost all the benefit of the recent rain. Ground is now like concrete again. I did haul the disk up to Gopher Valley. Going to take the cultipacker today. Need to go look at a nearly free combine today. JD 6620. I hate to go over to the green side but free is a very good is crap! And crap is often green so go figure...

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