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Sunday, January 8, 2017


I downloaded an app called YikYak on my iPhone. Students at my college use this instead of Facebook. I like to check it out to see if I am mentioned for doing obnoxious groundskeeper things like running the leaf blower. I also sometimes worry I will be called out for climbing hills when I think there are no students observing.
I have made mention once for cutting cookies in the snow in a parking lot. I felt kind of proud of myself.
I checked it out today to see if anyone was talking about the weather as we are having freezing rain.
This is what I saw...
If found it hilarious. I do wish Ohiofarmgirl was still following me. She would get a good laugh. To really get the humor you have to realize tuition is $46,000 a year. That is a lot of money to pay for a safe space to stick things in your bottom and have people take you seriously.

And now for something completely different, a record I found in a Thrift Store


  1. What a terrible waste of money. And time. But what do I know? Just a simple farm boy who never got past high school.

    1. $46,000 tuition and you stick a broomstick up your bottom ad think you are a horse?

  2. This is all I have to say on the subject - watch this!

    1. Made by the same people as Budde runs into at the college? Gosh, I couldn't take the stupidity.

    2. The decline and fall of Western Civilization is happening around us.



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