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Monday, January 16, 2017

I get twice the responsibility and no raise, oh boy...

I do not aspire to greatness.
In fact I'm kind of a screw up.
This is me today while I was supposed to being trained for my new job. I did not post the recording of the other guy as he doesn't want to get fired.

My work friend transferred to another department. He gained a big increase in pay and added responsibility.
This morning it was announced I would be taking his place. He does all the athletic fields. This is twice the responsibility and I now have to get my commercial spray applicator's license. If I wanted to apply chemicals I would have got the license 20 years ago.
My old area is a great area. I have hills to climb and lots of different things to do. I don't have to drive lawnmower five days a week in the summer. Nor do I have to deal with coaches or have precise settings for lawn care.
I asked if I was getting a raise.
I'm not...
I really wish I could quit...


  1. Well, you could start putting in applications!

  2. Is that what they call moving up the corporate ladder?

  3. Maybe if you mow in a phallic shape every now and then they'd move you back!

    1. If I only knew the google earth new photo dates!

  4. Is there a test for that license you could fail to study for? Or perhaps you could apply for conscientious objector status on the chemical applications? Or can you indentify some woman or minority with greater seniority who you could get worked up over being passed over?

    1. I could go back to farming and my daughter could apply for scholarships, or use her excellent grades to go to a real university that doesn't let in any yahoo with cash.
      Or get a real job so I don't have to work two &@"(/ jobs to live...

    2. Also, my minority boss passed over a higher qualified minority, with seniority. White Privilige!

  5. Seems you might have something around the farm that could be rigged to steer a mower on athletic fields. Coaches are tyrants without kingdoms, good luck.

  6. It could be worse...a golf course. I'm trying to think of something...OK, it's a bit of a Zen experience. If you've not you should read "Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig. With your mechanical maintenance/breakdown life I should have asked if you've read it. "Zen And Football Field Striping, Mowing & Chemicals" might not be the catchiest but might appeal to other groundskeepers. Actually there might be an opportunity for a blog directed to groundskeepers...oh...that's what you said first. Sorry. The overall advantage is that there's not really anything to hit on an athletic field. I have nothing practical or interesting to add to this but I'm pretty annoyed with everything else. Thank you for the opportunity to post. Perhaps a raise will follow.


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