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Friday, March 18, 2016

The best feeling in the world is

Taking your iPhone and throwing it as hard as you can at a brick wall. Followed by the worst feeling, because the only thing worse than having an iPhone is not having an iPhone.
Many times I think about the pleasure of taking my MacBook Pro and setting it on the chopping block and hitting it with a splitting maul.
The problem is that I would then not have a laptop.
If only I could take my MacBook Pro and my iPhone and shove them up Tim Cook's ass, but apparently Tim Cook would enjoy that.
I have had Apple Computer's since the Commodore 64 gave up the ghost. If it were not that a windows computer and the new Galaxy 7 were not worse, I would jump ship in a heartbeat.
Just saying...
I'm a little frustrated.
Why don't youall send me a few more texts and email and I'll try to figure them all out....
#$%^&*() piece of crap....


  1. Bill Clinton and I feel your pain, Budd. Well, actually, Bill might be feeling something else; you know his reputation.

  2. I suppose there were times I considered a sledge hammer for my old desk top. The laptop has been good and so far I am still smarter than my cell phone (old tech flip phone).

  3. Phones blow. I don't know anyone would spend the money on an Apple PC. My standard tool is a four-year old Samsung Chromebook that cost $225. It has about 4-6 hours of battery time. My $2000 Lenovo is nice but all I do is look for an outlet.


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