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Monday, March 21, 2016

I fail to focus on anything important, and an unrelated link

I have things to do but I'm lazy.
I'm on this committee which is attempting to keep the country from building a park next to an almost as superfund site. I should be researching social activism and writing letters.
I need to balance my books so I can do taxes.
I should be working on the MM G1355. We have the three-speed out of it and it also has hydraulic leaks to fix.
I purchased a Rek-O-Kut 120 tonearm for $10 on eBay. It was missing the headshell and the nickel plating is coming off. Hence, the ten dollar price.
It is much cheaper to buy a headshell than it is to buy the arm.
I found several arms and headshells which no one was bidding on. Until today and the prices are going crazy.

I have been trying to find bearings for my Fairchild 280 arm. I have found some sapphire bearings and holders on Amazon from the Little Parts company but not the exact jeweled bearing and pivot pin that I need. So, I ordered a digital calipers so that I could actually read it. I keep reading the dial on my old calipers incorrectly.

This is my eBay watch list. You can't actually read it but if you could you would have to admit that at least it is interesting. Several old tonearms, a gps so I can do guidance with my phone on my lawnmower, a Farmer Alfalfa film, and a couple telephone crank magnetos.
I bought a whole bunch of magnets last week. They are really strong. I have avoided swallowing any although the urge was strong.

So the point of the post is this, instead of doing anything important at all this evening I took apart my $10 tonearm and polished it. I wish I had another shure M97 to put on it.

I don't want to take the cartridge out of the Fairchild arm in the off chance that I will figure out how to install new bearings.
Perhaps I should also read all the emails and check the Google Groups page for the anti-park committee.

Here is proof of why the gubment is evil and the real reason I am protesting the park. You must resist everything. It also important to point out that you should hate establishment Republicans the very most because they sold us out with the renewal of the patriot act along with several other unconstitutional affronts. (Oh yeah, we got our guns but really what is the point. ) It is now a Felony to interfere with the actions of a federal official so you can now lose your voting rights, your guns, and go to jail for looking at the mailman wrong.

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