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Friday, March 11, 2016


Not only does it cure my allergies but it looks really cool when I hold it up to the halogen light on the range hood. 
Wonder if I zapped it the laser pointer it would glow in a dark room and I could convince my daughter it was magical.
Forgot, she is 14 now.
Perhaps radioactive honey from Japanfancanized honey bee's, they don't sting you they just glow and emit gamma rays?


  1. It's the pollen, not the sugar that's helping. A microdose a day keeps the wheezing away. Ideally you would eat a bit about a month before the relevant pollen was about. This time of year honeybees gather pollen from the underside of last year's leaves. You could gather a few an lick them. Alternately they like to fly through the dust around corn dryers and pick pollen out of the air. Of course most of that, actually all of that is GMO but if flying is readily available you could try that.

    1. There are only two corn dryers that I know of in a fifty mile radius. One is setting in the brush row at our farm. The other is ten miles from B Neutral Beaver Ranch.
      I have been licking the underside of grass leaves but it hasn't really helped.
      The smell of burning grass coming from the nature park on campus makes me feel relaxed. Hope I can still pass my truck driving physical.

  2. Last year's honey. No corn around her. Anything GMO is over 5 miles from these hives. Plenty of plum nectar & pollen now but the bees can't fly because of the constant rain.

  3. PS: I'm visiting my Son. Sunny here. Heh Heh!

    1. You are so weird...
      I got nothin to say...
      I have several half finished puns in my head but I will refrain. Would hate to be seen as a pain in the rear.


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