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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Making feed in the rain

My wife is out of chicken feed.
Several other people are out of chicken feed.
I am out of barley.
Well not really out, it is a matter of logistics and storage.
The bin fell over two years ago.
The fertilizer bin still has fertilizer in it and is on the only truck that runs.
I get off work at 5 and it is dark or raining or I need to plant and I don't have two hours to get the grain from the warehouse.
I am lazy...
The mixer/grinder went back to its owner and there is no point in going after it again if I barley have enough barely to grind in it. (Something sounds wrong in that sentence)
SO I got out the hammer mill and hooked it up to the MM UTS.
I have lots of peas. So the chickens are eating ground peas and flax and a little clover hay and some card board and a small chunk of 2x4 that I accidentally dropped into the hammer mill and some really nasty oats and weeds.
Not sure they will actually eat the mix.
As I was listening to the belt flying apart I pondered the distribution of wealth.
I could use a $50,000 grant to restart my sustainable nonGMO feed operation. I could really use $150,000, which would allow me to buy doughnuts.
(I don't want to admit but I'd also take $5 and a kind word perhaps a pat on the back)
These sum of money are just Chicken Feed to the gubment. Grants like this are tossed around, studies are commissioned and ignored.
Parks are built next to landfills on narrow country roads even though just across the river there is an RV Park which may be owned by the same people who want to build a park to nowhere and that is just how it is done.
A maroon lands his homebuilt helicopter on the White House lawn (which is a disgrace to the groundskeeping community I might add) and he gets charged with obstructing air traffic. Well, yes... He could have veered a half mile right or left and several thousand feet in elevation, (especially if the airliner were 50 feet off the ground) and might have hit an airliner. Yes indeed, people were at risk.
How we do hate dissent...
But I digress...


  1. He was just a postman delivering mail. Would they prefer he went 'postal' the old fashioned way? That robot they brought out to look at the gyro-copter is probably more of a menace to the public than he was. I hear they may someday take over the world.

  2. In answer to your question, peanuts.

  3. Nice composition, that. Looks full on M.C. Escher but back story suggests a Pieter Bruegel mashup. Slaughter of the Innocent Peas/Egg Dance?

  4. Just the opposite here. I have thousands of bushels of oats not worth much on the market and only 5 roosters to feed. (Also not worth much).


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