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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Donald and what's wrong with the country

I'm more than a little depressed about the coming election.
I have always disliked Donald Trump.
The "Art of the Deal" was a stupid book that inspired a generation of short pants wearing arse-holes to think they were clever businessmen for stealing candy from babies.
Here is the problem...

1. There is no one else to vote for.
2. The shrill people hate him and I find it hilarious and very disturbing at the same time.

I see Donald and Bernie as two sides of the same coin. Both are playing to angry and frustrated voters by saying the sort of things that people blurt out in bars whilst watching TV. "They outta just give everyone free college," or "I'd build a wall to keep those @#$%^& Mexicans out."

This is not what we really want/need. We want the ridiculous price of a college education to go down, we need the student loan program to not be predatory and we must have a policy to deal with political/economic/drug war refugees and put a guest worker program in place.

What I find frightening about it all is how electing a community organizer has divided this country. Grandfatherly law and order sorts of folks are angry. We have a shrill and angry mob at every little thing that does not fit the "progressive agenda" (what ever that is) Everyone hates the police. No one trust the gubment. Our dear leader encourages these divisions.

There is a cultural war going on in this country and those of us who believe in the old ways, things like God Honor Country, Absolute Values, Natural Law, rules of logic winning an argument are losing.
I had a discussion about the evils of capitalism with my work-study student yesterday. I soon discovered and then pointed out that our core values and beliefs were different. We had to stop the discussion to find a common place to begin the argument. We had different core ideology.

For subtle example, read this article in Reason Magazine. (Click Here) How do you feel about Thomas Jefferson now? Do you say he was an evil man for owning slaves who were possibly his relatives or do you say he was a person who lived according to his times and who actually freed those slaves. Was his relationship with Sally H. at best survival sex/rape, or did could a slave love her master?  Is it moral relativism to defend Jefferson in the contest of the time or is it moral relativism to condemn him now?

I've been attempting to read "The Citizen's Handbook." I don't want to pay for "Rules for Radicals," cause I don't want the SOB who wrote it to get a cent from we in royalties.
I'm tired of having social activism used against me. I have pretty much quit Facebook because I'm tired of seeing the same liberal talking points in the same five people's Facebook posts.
Good grief, these people think they are clever by sending sex toys to people they disagree with. Oh, and the name calling... Are we in fifth grade? I've got some great names to throw out but that would make me a racist...

The problem is simple but the solution is impossible. We live in an era where there is a conspiracy of like-minded people who have access to mass communication, lots of money, political understanding, a monopoly on education, (thus direct access of our children), and a will for violence. "We" are an undefined group without a clear purpose, who really just wish things would go back to the way they were in the 1950's, but without the racism.

Which brings me back to Donald. I don't like him. I'm afraid I'm being manipulated to support someone who will continue to take away our constitution and our personal freedoms.
But, I was so very happy to see the 79-year-old guy punch the activist. If Trump pays his legal fees Trump will get the nomination. I would dearly love to see the Trump rally people beat the everlovin' crap out of the Blk Lives Matter people. Not because I hate black people but rather because I truly hate these smug professional activist political tools. I remember communism. I grew up reading stories about the Chinese revolution, about political persecution in Russia. I can draw parallels between the activists of today and the young people of the Cultural Revolution who stoned their parents and teachers in the name of Mao.


  1. I remember when president Kennedy was assassinated I remember the guy who did it. Think about this, he was a socialist who would fit in as Bernie's running mate with no questions asked. He would fit in with the thugs that they paid to start trouble at the Trump speech. We have come full circle to where someone with Oswald's political viewpoint is running for president and nobody is laughing, he is being accepted. If only we had a John Kennedy but we have Donald who at least has had a job and is brave.

    1. Just because I agree with you or the first part of your comments doesn't fix my problems with Donald.
      I still don't know about Donald. IS he brave or is he on some crazy personal agenda. Does he have a job or does he just spend money?

  2. The first issue I see with the article you linked is that it assumes to understand slavery in America and paint it entirely in one color. Much like modern day feminist like to spread tales of the bad old days and how no woman was happy before 1965 and all were beaten. The truth is an entirely different animal.

    Often times, and this was certainly the case with Jefferson's slaves, the slave is question had better prospects and was actually higher in the social order as a slave. Not to mention certain legal gray areas and perks among other things.

    Slavery especially in those parts or areas away from the cotton belt were much different than most people want to believe. Missouri slaves were often left to operate almost 100% as freemen and only expected to show up for a set number of days each harvest season. Along the Missouri and Mississippi rivers there were river boats captained and manned by slaves who were never treated as anything less than employees. If they had they could have left at any time but didn't.

    All that being said owning slaves is still not Christian and it bothered many people but the benefits for the slaves are just discounted these days when looking at why some of them remained slaves.

    1. I should also point out that the legal owner of a slave was also financially responsible for them. Therefore being a slave to a rich master had many advantages and many were extended credit and allowed to operate in the name of their owner. Something that was often very beneficial in the right circumstances.

      I would also point out the numbers of slaves that volunteered to serve in Confederate irregular units in the Western parts of the country during the war. I can't imagine someone forced to endure what is commonly thought of how slavery was under today's standards as wanting to volunteer to fight for it.

    2. I happen to agree with you.
      This viewpoint is completely unacceptable to the modern student of history. They can accept all sorts of crazy and cruel behavior from so-called "oppressed" peoples in history or today, but cannot apply the same standards of cultural relativism to white western cultures. Because of course, we are the oppressors.
      They can't see their bias. They will not accept the arguments you just made. They will call you a racist...

  3. I've never liked Trump either, But I'm dern sure gonna vote for him, rather than any of those guys with feces caked around their nostrils.

    1. I was not going to vote for Trump. I think he is some kind of "ringer." His history has not been as a conservative.
      I am for limited government, a strict old school interpretation of the constitution, an appreciation of "Natural Rights."
      On the other hand, he gets the shrill people's knickers in a knot and I love it. I think we are going to hell-in-a-handbasket anyway...Might as well pull the trigger, perhaps it will come down on an empty cylinder...

  4. Its interesting watching from the outside. I've been in the position some elections when I don't know who to vote for and pick the one that is the least annoying.

  5. Donald says he knows great people. We'll see. I believe his notion of making America great again is flawed but no one is asking me. I cannot envision how he will bring jobs back from countries where labor is $2 a day. I agree that we need to put a reasonable immigration/amnesty program in place. His notion of deporting everyone is crazy. Who would do all the work that the people on the other side of the Rio Grande do? Our labor force is too uneducated and unmotivated.


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