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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

If I were smart I would build apps for agriculture

1. I now have an iPhone 6. The giant model. It is huge. It has a great screen. I like that it only has one button on the front. I like that it does not open every app on the phone and randomly call people when I forget to lock it.
I don't like that it is locked into the Apple concept of doing things. Facebook, iTunes, no usb, no removable SD card. It is skinny and beautiful but you can't use it without an armored case. It is Gigantic and won't fit in a shirt pocket.

2. iPhone may have a bigger screen but using the pitiful Blogger app is painful. With my Galaxy 5 I could take a photo, add a little text, and send it to Blogger. Not so with the iPhone. I could also more easily text pictures and links and stuff with the Galaxy 5.

3. I bought this app for $6.50. It turns my phone into a GPS guidance system for my Tractor lawnmower. Unfortunately I can't use it at work as I am not allowed to "play with my phone." This is insane due to the number of apps related to groundskeeping and the need to text and call fellow groundskeepers. It reveals one of the problems with my job. No one in my supervisory chain has the guts to make basic decisions. Oh, well.. That is what rules are for.
But I digress...

What I really wanted to post about.
My FarmerGPS program has built in support for auto boom shutoff.
Or so I thought.
At this point they are switching from a serial to USB converter to Bluetooth connections with the antenna. Of course I just spent an arm and a leg on a RS 232 type antenna. I could have spared a foot and got Bluetooth but no...
So I stumbled upon the iPhone app and the guy who also made a converter to turn your phone or tablet into a planter monitor. (Same active link as phone app,
It uses a small programmable computer chip thingy to do the calculations and read the sensors. 
I'd build stuff like that if I were not borderline handicapped mentally.
I'd like a baler stroke counter that also showed strokes per minute and ground speed. An app that gave you an easy way to count truckloads or dumps. Push a button and get a time stamp kind of thing, and a good Pearson's square feed ration calculator that let you enter multiple feeds and solve for one ingredient amount.
But instead I'm a groundskeeper...



  1. Somebody must be getting rich selling those "apps" as they seem to be everywhere. I don't have any myself but hardly a day passes without somebody mentioning the latest "app". I need to move into the new millenium I guess.

  2. I don't even know how to text or take and share photos. Still, I manage to survive.

  3. The only farming app I can say I really like is Tank Mix Calculator. And it's free! It beats a half dozen little pieces of paper with rates, acreages and total gallons on last week's the part number for the transmission shaft for the 1600 the name of that band with that cool song on the radio...... :-)

    Best part is that you can email the prescription to yourself so you can figure out what the heck you did last year, too.

  4. I am sticking w/ my iPhone 5. It fits in my pocket. The Caddyshack size phones seem a bit crazy, forcing you into carrying some sort of man bag.


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