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Friday, March 4, 2016

I need a new laptop and things I like about my job

A quick post...
Because it took me a half hour to get my MacBook Pro to wake from sleep this morning. I do empathize as I slept though subtle beeping of my alarm clock this morning as well.
This dadburned thing gives me fits. It locks up and doesn't go to sleep and then it won't wake from sleep. I'm afraid it may die of shaken baby syndrome at some point in the future...
Previously, it went for a year without a restart. (I think)
End of topic...

What I like about my job..
We grounders are a funny bunch of folk. It is hilarious to see a group of similar people drawn to the same job. Why are we like this?
A brief little story.
There was a power outage all last week.
Facilities Services put a fair amount of effort into keeping the library in electricity.
The library put on a power restoration party and issued a special invitation to the Facilities department.
My hispanic friend who I cannot for the life of me understand but I like him anyway, invited me to something with doughnuts and cookies. I was quite excited! Free Doughnuts! Yes!
I asked my fellow grounds workers about this elusive and mythical land of cake and doughnuts. After much consultation someone from Facilities who is in the Building and Electrical department explained that there was a party in the library but he didn't have time to attend.
Off we went in a convoy of golf carts to the library.
We all bought our work-study students in our bright safety vests and were first in line for doughnut holes.
It was great!
My previous work-study student told me that doughnut holes and doughnuts were in fact separate entities and there was no doughnut missing its core for every doughnut hole that I ate.
She also said there was no Santa Claus and Fairies and Elves were a myth.
My new work study student went and got me more doughnut holes and a cookie.
Finally, after many doughnut holes, felt guilty about not working and we left to mow lawns and cut down shrubs whose names I cannot remember.
We got somewhat absorbed in our work and discussing politics and the freaky girl who is stalking her and whose nutcase behavior has resulted in three other students not returning to school.
Suddenly it was clean up time.
We raced to the clean up area to dump the trailer and wash the mower.
We were met by the rest of the grounds crew and someone important from the Plumbing department.
They were laughing at me about my new giant iPhone and the fact that I got in trouble for using it during work when I was actually using it for work and that I bragged so much about my previous work-study student that another groundskeeper stole her from me.
The Plumbing guy started in trying to convince my current work-study girl to convert to Plumbing. (as she was dutifully emptying my trailer)
I said he didn't want her because she was lazy and never showed up for work and talked too much.
She started out really shy and a little hesitant but she actually talked back to him.
It was kind of funny to see her react. I had made a joke out of never complimenting another work-study student that I actually wanted to keep so the complaints were actually compliments and she took them that way.
She was quite happy and talkative on the way back to the main office. 
It is fun to see someone who was pretty frustrated at school and feeling sad because of a lack of friends, find a group and gain confidence.
I told her when we ran into her stalker that when she was with the grounders she was safe. We were her tribe. That other girl was a moron and she didn't need to back down. Make the other girl leave the library, we had Jesus to keep us safe. (Not to be sacrilegious but Jesus is another grounds keeper who, wait... that is not coming out right... Okay, I have to go to work. and I think the computer is dying again.)
Have a nice day!
you figure out my post in a way that brings you happiness...


  1. I got a lot of free education back in the day from university employees I spent time with working off costs. The administration should be paying you for teaching Real World 101.

    1. As in how to navigate a bureaucracy while not going insane, being able to check your phone texts and make it to break on time without getting in trouble, how to look busy with a rake even though the section is done and but you don't have time to start the next job because everything has to be finished in time for break, lunch, cleanup time, quitting time?

    2. And the importance of superpowers, like the ability to hide and forget a Snickers bar where only you will find it some rainy, dismal day. Mowers got heater vents?

  2. All the important things in life, I learned from working with my dad. Keep up the good work!

  3. I could use a work study student around here.

  4. "that when she was with the grounders she was safe. We were her tribe. " i swear this is a tv show that i'm watching right now. it's called The 100. it's exactly the same plot. please keep us informed if there is war between the grounders and the stalkers.

    1. I usually have some sort of theme music playing in my head. Sometimes voices. Usually the voices say things like, "remember who you are" and "what did you do with your keys," and who played peddle steel on that weird song about Mr. Jones on the Harper Valley PTA album in 19??, oh man.. Oh, and look a Studebaker, no false alert it was a Rambler." oh crap they are starting again...

  5. We have had "part-timers" off and on for years, but this is the first year we can officially call them "work study-ers, study-ites?" Anyway, we usually get guys because guys and girls apply, but admin figures guys should be in the Maintenance Dept. It is a little easier here. Maint. Dept covers grounds/plumbers/carpenters/electricians/you name it. And we do it as a full time crew of 3 with 2 work-studyerites. Auto-correct doesn't know what to do with that last word! Ha ha ha.

  6. Work study students can be really helpful or just a semester of baby sitting with I guess is also part of our job description.

    1. Which, my iPhone doesn't work well with blogger.


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