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Saturday, March 19, 2016

A better choice for president

My shipment of campaign buttons for the candidate of my choice have finally arrived. My helper and I have been wearing our buttons all day and no one has noticed.

Look what we accomplished today. I wish I knew how to put it back together again.

Update for the man holding a duck


  1. AS long as we are talking dead presidents, how about "Ike"? Now those were good times in North America.

    1. Had a well used Raleigh 3 speed in college. Silver with I Like Ike sticker on rear fender. Wish I'd kept it.

    2. I had two Nixon bumper stickers.
      Nix-on Nixon

  2. I'd take Nixon over the choices today. I might even take Jimmy Carter.
    I'd rather have Millard Fillmore

  3. We had to play the Millard Fillmore March too many times in high scool
    marching band. Don't want.

  4. As I recall he was a Quaker. They handed out these little noisemakers with the slogan "click for (with?) Dick". That was when he lost to Kennedy. Now Catholics are all Republicans for whatever reason.

  5. Regarding re-assembly. My nerd son likes to explain that almost anything can be accomplished with a system of levers and pulleys.


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