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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A random post about vintage audio

I'm obviously not still stranded in the Houston Airport...
I am not taking care of important issues in my life.
I am not installing the tractor engine...
I am not doing my books...
I am not working on the washing machine.
I am having three fingers of Four Roses ice tea and listening to The Georgia Satellites do a Rod Stewart cover.
The family is watching American Idol. 
I heard a girl singing "Many Rivers to Cross," and came out of the bedroom to see a red headed freckled faced girl win herself a spot in the competition. I started to express myself about someone singing a Jimmy Cliff song on American Idol and I offered to play Desmond Dekker or Jimmy Cliff just for comparison but the daughter said she had heard it as well and she didn't need a lecture on the social conditions that led to the evolution of Ska music in England.
I retreated back to the bedroom...

"Sometimes I set around and wonder about what is and what will never be..."
"There are some people who grow up crazy and some people who never grow up at all..."

(not Rod Stewart)

MuddyValley pointed out to me that you never think of yourself as old. You see things the same way you always saw them. I reminded him that I work at a college where 70 percent of the students are female...

But I digress...

I need to downsize the audio department.
In the bedroom I listening to the Georgia Satellites on a Dual 1019 with a Sure type III/Jico stylus thorough a Harman Kardon 330B which powers two Baby Advent (refoamed) speakers and is connected to a Scott 299 Tube Amp which drives a set of Dynaco A25 speakers. 
I get four speakers and can play with my tube amp. I usually don't run it.
On the shelf and not connected are as follows, Kenwood KA3500 amp. (Purchased in high school), Scott Receiver which was built by my father in law. It is a transistor based kit. It works but is not connected. Dynaco 120 amp purchased from a crazy former police officer with a good story. Dynaco PAT2 tube preamp built by MuddyValley's father, Sony reel to reel, Magnecord reel to reel, Tascam reel to reel. I have Rek-O-Kut K33H with a Fairchild 282 tonearm which was MuddyValley's father's system. 
In the living room I have a Dynaco SCA-80 Amp with a Dynaco FM5 tuner with a Dynaco passive surround sound system running DCM TimeFrame speakers in front and RadioShack Minimus 7 speakers in rear.
What should I keep and what should I get rid of?
The Dynaco living room system is nice because it fits on a standard bookshelf.
I could combine the PAT2 and Dynaco ST120 and rebuild the ST120 for better sound. Then I'd have the crazy policeman story and MuddyValley's father story and decent sound.
Frankly, the Harman Kardon and Dual 1019 really work nice for my little listening room. I could sell the Dynaco stuff and buy better speakers. 
Lost interest already. Perhaps I shall retire and taunt my liberal friends on my real Facebook page.

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