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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another successful engine swap

Here is the second Hercules military engine converted to White tractor Hercules.
Actually this was a Continental. But they appear to be identical.
This one was more difficult as the cam gear was pressed on instead of threaded.
Seems to have a slight miss at low rpm when cold.
The first swap appears to have gained noticeable horsepower increase.
This engine now runs at 2500 rpm. We got the injector pump rebuilt and they set the pump up a bit. I think I will set the throttle stop down to 2200 or 2300 rpm.

Note: I'm having trouble replying to comments again. I'm back to using my phone.

I also have trouble keeping up with other people's blogs. I apologize. Im Too cheap to upgrade laptop.


  1. Engine swap? Now that is an ambitious project. I find it a big enough challenge just to r and r a factory original engine or transmission. Nice work.

  2. I'm limited, mechanically to changing the air in the tires. You have my respect.

  3. I saw it apart. I am suitably impressed.


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