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Friday, July 10, 2015

US Civil war ends after 154 years

Yesterday I did a search for businesses which incorporated the battle flag of Lee's Army into their logo. All I really found was Dixie Outfitters which seems to think that Lee's Army did a lot of duck hunting.
There has been a concerted effort of finally conquer the South. A continued propaganda campaign which portrays anyone with a Southern accent as stupid, lazy, and possibly a criminal. Crimes committed in the South are always viewed with suspicion as a "hate crime," and the Flag of Lee's Army is branded as a symbol of racism.
So when I saw the lady lawmaker crying on TV and heard the news that South Carolina was taking down their flag the realization hit me that the 150 years of Southern resistance against the Yankee devil had finally ended. Southern heritage has been reduced to drinking beer, hunting animals, and driving big 4wd trucks. Much like conservative Christian heritage is now short pants, Amway sales, and not baking cakes for gay weddings.
I suppose we should all have a moment of silence for the fall of Western Civilization...
The United States was once a pretty amazing country.
"Live and Let Live," was once the motto and not, "If you see something say something."

I wanted to make T-shirts which had the Battle Flag with the words, "I won't be reconstructed and I do not give a damn," but the only person who got it was my brother.

I am still looking for a t-shirt or hat that has a flag and a business. Like the old Winn-Dixie logo. I'd like to wear it to offend as many pucker-butts as possible. I may have to make my own...


  1. Yeah, I've thought about buying a confederate flag for the corner of the house.

  2. Rhett Butler is an interesting character. He's a liberal but not a socialist. He has no illusions about the South winning, doesn't join up until the end is clear, and doesn't let the lost cause hold him back.

    1. That sort of person was once pretty common in America. Especially as a literary device. (In my opinion) The USA was the place where Norton the First of California could wander around San Francisco and pass out his own money and not get arrested.

  3. The Alabama state troopers wear it on their uniforms. They are a commercial business. This is quickly realized if you drive fast there with an out of state license.

  4. Isn't it amazing how this thing about the South and the battle flag snowballed in just a couple of weeks? Almost as if the whole thing was staged and planned....just sayin. Isn't it also strange that the folks involved in that church shooting got 29 million dollars?

    1. Not really. It is a conspiracy of like-minded people. People whose parents unwittingly bought them the same sort of progressive University Education. When something reaches a critical mass then people all start doing the same things. Lots of people were ready to jump on the Confederate Flag issue because that flag stands for giving the finger to the man and represents a class of independent people who are NOT liberals.

  5. We're a long way from beaten. Those idiots howling as the flag came down don't understand Southerners at all. Not surprising since most of them came down from New England for the show. They've been satisfying their need to denigrate others by using the South as their whipping boy since before Harriet Beacher Stowe.

    1. Harry, Thanks for reading my blog. I find yours much more interesting than mine.
      I am a champion of lost causes. I'm a last generation farmer after all...
      I'd like to know how to keep the cause alive as the young folks are being programed to be morons and our history is being destroyed. The people of the President's Religion are destroying the foundations of civilization in the Mideast, history is being rewritten all over Western Civilization. The poles of the Earth are swapping...


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