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Sunday, July 12, 2015

Downstream and back

What we did last Sunday.

It has been close to 100 degrees. I've been neglecting my blogging.
You really come here to read the intimate details of my life, not to read about my obscure political positions or me affection for mythological lost causes, like Picket's Charge or The Charge of the Light Brigade.
Or wonder how I can live in Oregon but be a loyal Southern Sympathizer. Or find links to archaic treasonous songs...

My daughter and I took to the river.

We have one good kayak and one horrible kayak. Do not buy the Pelican Sunstream Dolphin. It is so unstable as to be dangerous. We forgot the rule river life. Paddle upstream and then float back down, or have a ride waiting for you. Instead we just took it one bend at a time. I was really hoping to find dinosaur bones as I'd heard some have been found recently.
We just found broken pottery and remains of an old toilet and a gigantic catfish.

We explored a stream.

The trip took us six hours. If you look at the map you can see there are a few curves. I also have no idea why I was getting the directions to Gibson City, Illinois.
The blue dot is our farmhouse. The pink pins are our starting and turnaround points.
You have to look closely to see all the bends in the river.


  1. oh i dunno...i kinda like your political posts.... but hey having fun on the river is good too.

    1. probably positing about hot weather gets little sympathy from you...


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