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Thursday, October 16, 2014

I just wander around in circles

Seed bag art?

I removed my four year old expensive Speer seat cushions due to the fact that the foam was cheap crap. I replaced them with a 30 year old seat cushion out of a dead combine. It is a little faded and cracked but still has decent foam.

I was three acres from finishing the field and the needle went below empty. Turned out that my bulk tank in the pickup did not have that extra 20 gallons I thought and so I had to drive back home to refill.

I used my pocket knife to hold the diesel filler on and then thought that was a bad idea so I held it myself. And I over-filled it...

Had to pick up my daughter from school after her volleyball game at 7 p.m. I almost finished. I just have the corners to do.


  1. I was going in circles a couple of days ago too. When a self propelled swather gets stuck in the mud that is about all it can do until the driver gives up and walks for the tractor. The fun continues...

    1. I feel for you. Do you have to wait for frozen ground to finish?

  2. you need to make cute tote bags out of those feed sacks. then you know, put a bird on them.

    1. I have been giving them to a lady who does make tote bags out of them. I have not seen the results but I'm sure they are quite nice. In other news, we now have goats. They get out a lot...


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