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Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Great Job Brownie," says President Ebola to the Head of the CDC- after saying "mission accomplished," shortly before ISIS takes over Iraq

Ok, I voted for Bush... And I have yet to hear the end of it from certain neighbors and relatives.
So, tell me how the federal bureaucratic response is different now that Obola is president in stead of Bush? Lets say, Katrina vs Ebola? CDC vs FEMA?
The USA gets it's first Ebola case and president Obola plays his 200th round of golf.
Meanwhile, his person in charge of the CDC makes speeches downplaying the danger and reassuring us that there are procedures and protocols in place to protect the public and we certainly don't want to do the obvious, and restrict air traffic from infected countries.
Next... the guy dies and no one knows what to do with the hazardous waste generated from his death and treatment. His family is sort of put in quarantine but then no one thinks to bring them food so the Red Cross call's Jimmy John's for a speedy delivery.... And the gubment threatens to arrest the dead guy after he gets well.
Soon we realize that there are NO PROTOCOLS.
We see photos of people cleaning up the parking lot in street clothes.
Sort of like video of the Stadium at New Orleans...
A nurse gets sick.
The head of the CDC blames the nurse.
We find out that while the entire world knew the guy had Ebola the hospital was waiting for tests to come back and the nurses treated the guy and were not wearing protective suits...
Next president Obola announces the discovery of Ebola and says the world needs to do more and asks for millions of dollars and sends the Marines to Africa.
But doesn't shut down air travel.

Yesterday I heard the president speaking on the radio. He is really going to get on this Ebola thing.
I understand the cheap psychological ploy. I've seen it used by employees, or by school bureaucracies.
You let the crisis happen and then you can be the hero.
He golfs, the world burns, he speaks forcefully after private individuals have figured out all the problems, and he is now the hero.
The faithful Koolaid drinking supporters will always apologize for him.

Now here is the real problem. I blame Obama, you blame Bush, but yet what are the differences and what are the similarities. I suggest the commonality is the massive federal bureaucracy and the many individual managers and department heads. It is all a focus on procedure and paper shuffling with an increasing lean towards the political left. I suspect bureaucrats love socialism. Saving the environment requires regulation, going green, carbon reduction, fairness, and so it goes.
Sad thing is, if they would have just said the Ebola victims contained asbestos then they would have put up serious containment and brought in a real hazmat team and the world would be saved...

And another thing... Those folks in Africa who we are supposed to care so much about... You realize they didn't just get Ebola yesterday... We meddle in other people's business all around the world but yet it is private volunteers who have been essentially "giving their lives," to help contain a disease that could threaten the world.

Of course Chris Brown could be right...

And they still won't due the most basic thing and shut down flights. Sooo, people panic and Belize won't let a cruise ship with a possible Ebola victim dock despite a phone call from John Kerry.
You know the gubment is lying to you and that is what causes panic...

We are all screwed... If not this then whatever else is coming. You have to have faith in your gubment, it is how the contract works...


  1. I would agree. Mistakes have been made in handling this whole thing. Hopefully the rest of us can learn from those mistakes. Its like a Stephen King novel come to life.


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