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Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Daily Strumpet Newspaper is the same as the Lazy Farmer who came up with the name in 1984 and wrote a newsletter for years

I was invited to a wedding today. I was a bit surprised to be invited. I like the kid, (actually he is not a kid anymore) I enjoy teasing him. He worked for a farmer who I stacked bales for. We ran stacker together for a summer or two. He is always really enthusiastic, always ready to tackle a new project. And he has a good sense of humor.
It reminds me of a story of our days stacking for the neighbor.
We were working in a big field with five balers and two stackers.
You dump the stacks in a row. Eight blocks make a truck load. You dump one stack beside the other with as small a space as possible between them.
The squeeze then picks them up and sets them on the truck.
The top bales need to be tied together so the stacks don't spread apart when the squeeze grabs the bottom layer. Usually, one person in the baling crew is assigned to tie stacks. In this case the stack tier was somewhat of a goofy kid who was slightly annoying. He was making a show of jumping for one stack to another, so I started setting the stacks just a little further apart each dump in an attempt to see how far he actually could jump without falling on the ground.
So... I got the last stack just a little two far away.
My friend saw the gap and thought I miss-counted the number of stacks for a truck load. He headed for the gap at full speed but he forgot one thing.
I did not raise the bale pickup.
The stack tier saw him coming and started running. I saw him coming hung out my door and frantically waved my arms.
He hit the stack so hard it actually exploded.
I looked around and saw everyone was looking at him. I got back in the stacker and started stacking...

At the Wedding I ran into a couple people I went to high school with. We talked for a long time. I scored a pie! (Thank you father of the groom)  It is a good pie. I'm having some now.
Several people asked about the Daily Strumpet. One suggested that in this modern age perhaps paper is outdated and perhaps I should try a blog.
I mentioned that one could do a search for "The Daily Strumpet," on the internet. I noted that one issue is on I looked it up. It was the Christmas issue for 2009. CLick Here to enjoy it.
If you do an internet search for The Daily Strumpet Newpaper you will see that I am number two. Someone has taken the name
I think if you were really interested in finding out if The Daily Strumpet, Americans irregular newsletter for regular people, is still published or has found another incarnation you could find it.
I rarely tell people who ask about TheDailyStrumpet that I have a blog under the name Budd E. Shepherd. I'm not sure why I'm hesitant or why I chose to do it under an assumed name. (If you email me I'll be happy to tell you my real name, I just use Budd E. Shepherd for things online to keep everything consistent.)
I feel sort of weird telling people I blog. It seems rather pretentious to say to people, "I'm a clever fellow, I'm a farmer with a bog!" Also, I tend to go off on strange subjects and use large words and I do this because I'm interested in the subject and like the sound of large words and not because I want my friends and neighbor's to think I'm a really smart and clever fellow. I'm quite content to rant at random people on the internet as I will probably never see them in person so who really cares? I have no reputation to uphold...
Several of my followers are former Daily Strumpet subscribers who went to a fair amount of effort to find me online. Or when I told them the address of the blog, they actually looked it up.
(In the early days I did tell people about the blog, then I discovered that they didn't actually follow it if they knew me and that is another reason I quit telling people. I'm not going to beg people to read the blog...)
Sometimes I wonder if I should do another Daily Strumpet on paper in news format and make up stories about people I know.
Did anyone read the issue on scribd? It wasn't one of the best.

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