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Monday, April 28, 2014

The excitement that is my life

I spent Saturday trying to get things together to make feed. I need to raise some funds. That means an a on craigslist and feed to sell.
I bought a very old fertilizer box from a neighbor. As usual, I got carried away listening to interesting stories and forgot to closely look at the box. I mean I saw it run..... 25 years ago...
It is powered by a single cylinder gas engine of about the same age as myself.
My chicken friend went with me. He did not seem to be all that impressed. After a half hour attempting to get it to start he gave up and went home.
I succeeded after taking the magneto apart and applying liberal amounts of de-oxit to surfaces that should conduct electricity.
It it just a touch low on the horsepower and it has a 4" unloading auger. It is painfully slow.
No feed was actually ground on Saturday...
Sunday the daughter and I attended church. I forgot to comb by hair. A person behind me patted down my cowlick for me. I was worried they might rub the bald spot but decorum was shown.
In the afternoon we built a hay fort over which we flew the Bonnie Blue flag and yelled (quietly) taunts at the blue belly devils at fort Stinky-Bottom across the machinery lot.
We failed to get a response and sent out a scouting mission to capture artillery.

I found an ancient goose scaring gun in the barn. Which led to a hunt for full propane bottles and then a half hour hour of me obsessing over the firing mechanism, followed by a large and somewhat startling explosion. Followed by much experimenting on aiming the gun at the neighbor's shed in order to get the perfect echo, followed by some protests from the Presidential staff who apparently was somewhat started by the unexpected bombardment.
Apparently the gun is louder from the front and side than it is from the rear. Also, if you are not expecting loud explosions outside the house it can be a bit unsettling. Hmmmm, didn't think of that....


  1. Can I borrow that? The neighbor's barking dogs could use a few retorts/reports.

  2. For some reason the hay bale fort did not get me thinking past the notion of bales with lots of chicken poop for some reason but "propane goose cannon" caught my attention. A search for that phrase in Google yields the Zon Mark 4 Cannon but more interestingly The Lazy Farmer Blog makes the first page of hits. You might be better off making propane goose cannons than attempting to sell chicken feed, but of course I don't know what the market is for goose cannons.

  3. Art, the goose cannon is not my invention. I don't really know if I have the correct name for it. We used to use it to scare geese away from our fields in the winter. Now our landlord puts much effort into attracting geese and owns land on both sides of us.
    The goose cannon, (sad to say) does not acutallylaunch geese into the air, nor does it injure them in any way. It just makes a lot of noise.
    This is what you hear constantly if you live near a winery because it would seem loud propane explosions improve the Finesse of the wine.


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