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Friday, April 11, 2014

It is a beautiful day and I need to go to work

Yesterday I planted 10 acres.
I having my usual trouble getting stuff done.
I should be planting for my neighbor. I told him I'd be there today.
I have planting to do at home. I have 20 acres of peas to plant, 30 acres of Flax, various fescue fields that need to be replanted, and some oats. Most fields have wet spots which I must go around.
I attempted to plant alfalfa yesterday.
The plan was to no-till 8lbs alfalfa and 75lbs peas/oats mix into wheat stubble. It is right on the irrigation line so there is a possibility that I will be able to water it this summer. Then I was going to roll it down and plant another 10lbs of alfalfa going a different direction. Sort of a shotgun approach where if you put enough alfalfa seed down some will actually grow.
Of course the other tractor was not ready, the roller needed to be greased, people came after hay, things went wrong-whatever...
My friend H. Sanders came over and made his own chicken feed. He also brought me a brisket sandwich from Jacks BBQ. Jack has really good BBQ. It is worth stopping and sitting on the tailgate and having lunch for a brisket sandwich from Jack's.
Somehow I have to get the 20 acres of peas done and I need to get moved to the other side of town and start planting oats. But I also have to take off for my daughter's birthday party this evening.
I guess I better get to work.
You know, if someone would give me 1.2 million dollars I would not need to work and I could post photos of corn plants on this blog all day long.


  1. Sounds like my day as temporary supervisor. "when is this repair man going to show?", "How do I get a bottle cap out of this drain?", "didn't find any reason for water to stop flowing, but it doesn't flow".
    I'm waiting for this one--"we are going to have to dig up the sewer line".

  2. But if you quit working and farming , what would your blog be about? I look on my farming activities as raw material for the blog, not so much a profitable enterprise. :-)
    Now I need to get busy.

  3. you need to start playing the lotto so all your fans can sit around and look at all your corn.

  4. Sounds like a typical day in the life of the self-employed!


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