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Saturday, April 12, 2014

An interesting link about water rights and the way gubment works

Click here

In other news-
I overslept... I planted 25 acres after 6:30 last night. That is doing pretty well. I got to listen to Ground Zero which is pretty depressing.
Then this morning I realized I have one more month before I am officially out of money. It is not too bad because money starts back up in June.
Then I checked the mail and I had a whole string of announcements from Western Mennonite. Each of them has a little Bible Verse or tender Christian saying at the bottom. What a wonderful place for your child. They show the love of God with each electronic communication...
As time passes my attitude has sort of settled. There has been no explanation or training as to school discipline policies. A couple teachers told me they asked for training or clarification of policy and received only broad generic guidelines. Meaning there still is no written policy on acceptable discipline.. Meaning, they just wanted to get rid of my wife.
And so...
I have a medium dislike for each self important board member and some what stronger feelings about those in administration. A certain contempt for parents who will not get together and demand the education they want for their kids, and I have felt quite free to express my feelings to anyone who asks my opinion of the school.
Quite a few people ask my opinion as they know my wife was a teacher at the school for the past 13 or 14 years and my child attends the school.
If I could just put my experience into a short concise statement, without having to get into the details. But it is the details that are important. That and the utter silence that has come from anyone with any authority at the school or school board.
I suppose this is the definition of the term, "you can't fight city hall."


  1. Like most of us, you're having to chose the lesser of available evils, since no truly GOOD choices are available.

  2. I would suggest a reply with the message: "Please remove me from your mailing list" That might be a "good" choice.


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