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Saturday, April 12, 2014

My truck keeps dying

I was supposed to come home and check on Grandpa today at 5:30. But my pickup wouldn't start and there was nobody to give me a ride.
I was planting oats for my neighbor and was not quite in walking distance. The wrong side of town.
I figured Grampa has been on his own before and he will be ok, so I went back to planting. I think the starter has died on my pickup. This is a brand new starter. Probably made in China.
The last time it died was in the parking lot at Dad's Market in Amity.
I had let the truck roll backward into the middle of the parking lot. Then the starter failed.
I was underneath it removing the starter when a local winery owner came by.
Hey "Buddy" he says.
Hi "Dave" says I.
Having problems, says he.
"Yup," says I
What's wrong," says he.
Starter quit, says I.
"Got another one in the back of your pickup?" says he. (Making reference the fact that I'm carrying a welder, aircompressor, vacuum cleaner, and a huge number of other important items in the back of the truck.
"Thats one thing I don't have," says I.
And he walks off....
Could have offered me package of box wine and a long tube so I wouldn't have had get out from under the truck.
I planted 50 acres today and still had time to break down three times. I suppose it was a good day.


  1. Not too bad. I've seen one breakdown equal zero acres for the day, but not often.

  2. What a stressful day! I can only imagine how frustrated you were when your truck broke down after your tiring work. Anyway, have you replaced your starter? I think you have to pick quality parts for your truck next time, since it's being used for heavy duties. How is it now?
    Rudy Swanson


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