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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grandpa gets the wrong chair

Grandpa (my Dad) slipped a cog somewhere around May of last year. He forgets what to do. It is a bit deceiving as a lot of the time you can carry on a conversation with him and he seems ok.
But, he is not ok.
Yesterday I needed to check on him at 5:30 p.m.
My wife took daughter and her friend to trampoline land and the mall for birthday celebration. (They had chocolate cheesecake and I only got one small bite.)
My brother and family had school convention.
Wife checked on Dad before she left. Uncle checked on him before he went to the fireman's dinner. (even though he is not a fireman, probably donated something)
That left Grandpa alone for an hour and a half. He had Andy Griffith on the TV and he should have been fine.
However, with all the excitement of people coming to check on him I guess he decided that it must be time to go to the bathroom.
The bathroom is always the "default" for Grandpa. If all else fails and he doesn't know what to do then he just goes to the bathroom. This works out pretty well because he then forgets what to do in the bathroom and just sets there until you come get him. This is good because he doesn't wander around the house.
Well.... this one time he figures out that he has finished with the bathroom and should go back to his chair and set down.
He gets the wrong chair.
This chair has a pile of stuff on it and he can't set down completely. Plus the electric chair remote just doesn't seem to work. Won't move the chair and it won't change channels on the TV. (Cause it is the wrong chair and it never does work with the TV no matter how many times he pushes the button)
So... he is hanging on to his walker for dear life and my sister-in-law arrives home first.
She probably thinks we abandoned Dad.
It is sort of true.
I couldn't get the pickup to start, I called three people and no one was home. I went back to planting. I finished the field. I'm fairly happy.
I'm pretty sure Dad has almost completely forgotten that his chair wouldn't work yesterday. Life goes on...
In other news, My wife got daughter a $50 GoodWill gift card for daughter's 13th birthday. It was pretty funny. My daughter does not like GoodWill...
"Think how many things you can get for 99 cents," exclaimed my wife.
I bought my daughter bulk white legos and a furry pillow with LED lights that randomly flash. Then I gave her and her friend a rambling lecture about the human brain needed to make patterns out of random events and a story about an elderly lady who became addicted to gambling after taking anti- seizure medication and then offered to play them banjo music.
They are no longer in the living room.
We are now debating the merits of going to Church this morning...


  1. A little banjo music never hurts! (although my dog tends to complain)

  2. A cautionary tale, that. I have invested in the future by securing a banjo to the rocker with a spare leash. One day they will find me rocking away, petting the banjo and trying to play the dog.

    1. You would probably get less criticism for playing the dog than playing the banjo.

  3. i swear this is the best news site on the intertube. we have a new thing where we go to church on saturday evening. its the best thing ever. we dont have a nice Goodwill tho.


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