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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Do not buy a Dell B1265DFW printer/scanner laser printer if you are going to print with anything but USB

The Dell B1265DFW seems like a good deal but a good deal is not a good deal if you can't use what you bought.
The is the 21st century. Computers are not new. There is no reason in the world that you can not buy a printer, pop in the installation CD, follow basic instructions, and have the item work.
The B1265DFW works hooked up to USB but I could never get the network features to work. It has the Dell printer management center software which is a total joke. It doesn't find the printer, it doesn't help you print, it doesn't actually have any help features implemented.
My wife bought this printer at Staples. She went to buy ink for our Epson printer and saw that you could buy a laser printer for the same price as it cost to buy an ink cartridge kit. It also had "air-print" which makes up for the total failure of Apple to make it easy to print from early iPhones and iPads.
The printer also shows up as a stand-alone printer under the airport tab, however, when you get the printer to show up you still can't get it to "resume printing."
There is nothing in the trouble shooting and the only comments online are basically saying that the printer doesn't work very well.
My advice is that if you find this through a search engine because you are having problems setting up your new Dell B1265DFW then just give up and return it to where you bought it. Solves a lot of anger management issues.
I will not be buying anything Dell after this experience. Insanity, this is 2014, why can't you just plug and play? It is not like it has any new technology, just a cheap plastic printer with poorly implemented features that you probably won't use even if you could get it to network...
Just my humble opinion...


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  2. Return it & buy a Brother. We got a TN 420. We priced them at Staples & found the same much cheaper at (gasp) Wally World. Wireless & works just fine. Brother had the best reviews. Now the brother is a part of our family. I didn't say that did I? Right on. Solid! As Link would say from Mod Squad. Already had a scanner. Machines that try to do everything usually do all of them poorly.

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