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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dissonance is a way of life

I'd show you a picture but I lost my phone cord so I can't down load into the computer.
So... for those of you who are fascinated by the excitement of my daily life....
Suddenly and without warning!
Antifreeze/water appeared in the oil on the G1355!
I drained the oil.
I got a lot of extra oil.
I poured more water into the radiator.
I shortly thereafter it ran out the oil drain hole.
1. Just my rotten luck
2. Water pump seal totally failed for some unknown reason. Didn't start the engine without water and have not really run the engine at this point. Just trying to get it to hit on all six cylinders
3. Oil cooler failure.
Rather than swear I will give you some soothing music...

In other news.
We went to dinner with a friend from college. It was very nice. It is amazing to not talk to someone for 20 years but yet see how lives have ran somewhat parallel.
No corn photos.


  1. what did you have for dinner? was it the goat burger?

    1. I had the ground up dead sheep on a stick. For dessert we had coconut flan and churros. My wife had something with taco's and shrimp. Our friend had something with beans.
      I had black coffee.
      The place was gourmet mexican food.
      There was a ballroom upstairs and they had lots of thumpy music. Yes that is a musical genre. I kept thinking about that country song about the guy who was trying to sleep over a honky tonk bar but I couldn't remember enough of the song to work it into the conversation and it was quite distracting.

    2. This one?

    3. Yes! Should have thought of Webb Pierce

  2. Better get a new cord. I hate to be kept in the dark.

  3. I like flan. Now, coconut shrimp followed by coconut flan would interest me and maybe even get me into town.

  4. Oh man, that is a letdown. Just when you think you have it all figured out. Well at least you won't freeze your fingers working on it like I might here. -20F and wind blowing here. A few minutes of that is enough.


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