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Friday, March 21, 2014

Ongoing snippets from the life of a Lazy Farmer

Ok Orin, I see your Earnest Tubb, "Drivin Nails in My Coffin"

And I raise you T-Bone Walker "Mean old World"

So... If you all remember yesterday I was a little uptight. I was about to have my CDL canceled due to my tendency to forget to get my Truck Driver Physical renewed. They actually sent me how because my blood pressure was too high. So I called Scooter Boy to see if he had any Chronic but he said that would probably have the opposite of the intended effect in my case. Plus, my wife overheard the phone conversation and threatened to tell my daughter who has very strong opinions on the subject.
I read on the internet that one drink of alcohol had the effect of drastically cutting stress, so I tried a shot of Four Roses, it made me sneeze.
I had three hours before going back. I needed to go plant oats.
I was supposed to be planting a 70 acre hillside and I had a idea that planting would not really relieve that blood pressure issue.
I was supposed to take a nap. Instead I took the lawn mower apart an attempted to repair the starter. I looked for a suction hose so I could empty fertilizer out of the drill, I watched the stores so Uncle could go check on Aunt E who is not doing so well, I updated the blog. It wasn't helping.
So I went over to work on the drill. 
I turned on the hydraulics to pump the fertilizer out of the drill and the hose blew out.
I had no more Four Roses so I borrowed a Zanax. 
The rest of the day went so much better.
I arrived at the Doctor's office on time.
The receptionists were giving me a hard time about having a truck driver license when I didn't actually drive truck. I tried to explain that I was an optimist and just knowing that I could drive a set of triples down I-5 or a tanker truck full of grape juice made me happy. They suggested that I not tell them what method I used to control my blood pressure....
I went home and sold six ton of hard red winter wheat and actually go paid for it. The brakes are out on the forklift again and it didn't really bother me. 
Scooter Boy came to visit and that didn't bother me either.
The fellow I was supposed to plant for called and wondered where I was and noted that he had the oats and fertilizer at the field.
That didn't bother me either. I said, "um, sorry..."
I think it was that it was a sunny day and my wife brought me coffee...

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  1. Se! Things are loking brighter. I take it that you passed the test. Watching honey bees go in & out is good relaxation. You should come over, pull up a chair, and have a nip with me. It's very relaxing for me to watch them work so hard while I don't. After raising the brood, cleaning and guarding the hive, the last job they have in life is gathering necter & pollen, and they literally fly their little wings off doing it. Of course those are the females. The males just eat & fly around for fun. Every so often they get to mate, which kills them.


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