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Thursday, February 6, 2014


I got a call the other day from the farmer who rents the farm which has the house where I used to live. Perhaps Collieguy will remember the charming old house with stained glass panels in the windows, old oak doors with odd handles, and the oak fireplace mantle that came from a historic house in Carlton.
The farmer told me that the doors had been kicked in and the windows busted and someone was trying to steal our piano.
We left the piano for the supposedly responsible next renter who was only a little down on her luck and just needed a beautiful charming (cheap) old farmhouse to rent while she saved some money.
Of course she never actually lived in the house and used the opportunity to get her worthless kids a place to live. Kids so utterly stupid and lazy that they could not figure out how to run a riding lawnmower. I actually went over and mowed they lawn because I thought it was victim lady who just need a little help.
But, I digress...
It was not vandalism for the sake of vandalism. No, they stole the stained glass, the oak mantle, the 1950-60's appliances, the door handles, the radiators and batteries out of my landlords two very nice studebaker trucks and my not quite as nice 1941 but pretty good Studebaker truck and whatever else was interesting.
We brought home the piano. My father-in-law refinished it several years ago. The wood is beautiful. I suspect it was destined to be cut up and sold for the wood.
I am somewhat happy to know that the meth-heads who did this will get almost nothing for their trouble.
I asked the former landlord if he would sell me the kitchen sink, bathtub, the remaining oak door, but he didn't want to do that. I'm sure they are gone by now. I don't have the heart to go back.
I think I will go back up on the roof. It was so peaceful up there.
Kind of chilly.
I need a game cam for home. The neighbor's have had batteries stolen.


  1. dang. :-( and yeah... its not hardly safe to live in the country anymore. thanks druggies. :-/

  2. Not that you could, or would, go back but that is like seeing a bridge burned behind you. That place had a life and soul. And a fire pit better than anything billions of rubles can buy at Sochi.

  3. Game cams for sure. One to catch an image of the theives as they steal the first game cam. Public flogging for a first time offender. Capital punishment for the second time. I realize this goes against the "three strikes" rule, (is there such a rule?) Or maybe just set them loose on the plains of Sask. on a day like today. They would not last long.

  4. The population of Taylor County Iowa has dropped two-thirds from 1910 to 2010. That's a lot of empty houses.

    1. Same kind of story Hamilton County. Few stand empty long; they get burned, bulldozed and corporate farmed into oblivion.

  5. Scumbags seem to breed like cockroaches.

  6. Someone else mentioned it, too, but you have to place the game cameras discretely (or on the roof) or those w/b gone, too. There are some that you can affix somewhat securely but thieves usually travel with a bolt cutter, sledge hammer and an axe.

  7. One of the battery thieves has been caught. I am ordering a couple solar powered motion lights. Have not decided on the motion detector. I would either mount it high using the forklift or hide it.
    What really makes me angry is being taken advantage of in recommending a renter for the old house. If the lady would not have lied and put her worthless kids in the house who got the electricity hookup condemned by the power company, the house would have been occupied. Plus she still owes me for hay...
    I actually mowed her lawn because I felt sorry for her, still a little peeved over that.


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