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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It may be a sunny day or then again it might rain

I'm a little down this morning.
I keep being reminded that I am neither a good farmer nor a good businessman, I am also terrible at contract negotiations, public relations, and defending my wife.
I can't play guitar, washtub base, yodel, fiddle, play the banjo, or do algebraic equations.
I am fairly good at setting in my lazyboy and drinking coffee. I also do a good job of complaining.
My wife's unfortunate experience with the school she devoted a decade and a half to has pretty much put me into a funk. Every time I get enthused something else comes along, be it farming or employment.
Why take to the internet to express my depression? Well, because this post will probably get the usual 40 hits today from the same 25 locations and so I'm thinking I am not really broadcasting my personal feelings to the entire world but rather to a group of friends who are far enough away that I don't have to see them every day.
My wife doesn't want controversy. She would like her job back but not if she is not wanted. The only solution to the problem is to turn back time. However, I am almost positive this will not happen.
We got an email from the one board member who is not on vacation. Apparently the people who I called to see if they would give my wife a reference for the employment board have been calling and emailing school board members. This upsets the school board as we are not "following proper procedure for an appeal."
They are upset with us for contacting parents.
It is not "us" that is contacting parents. It is me... My wife has not contacted anyone on her own. She did send out a letter to a the board and also a few other teachers but that is it. The board of course, ignored her letter because it was not sent to the exact proper channels.
I think it is now time to move on.
I've been encouraging parents to express themselves but have not been recruiting them in the last week. I did send two emails to parents who had kids in my wife's class and those turned out to be to people who supported the administration and they apparently contacted the board and said I was stirring up trouble.
I am frustrated because I was somewhat inept in my attempt to defend my wife. I didn't handle a number of things correctly.
In the grand scheme it really doesn't matter. I'm probably not going to have any interaction ever again with most of the board members. I really doubt my wife will get her job back. The board's unfortunate choice of a fundraiser and reformer to be head administrator will never really be questioned. Instead there it will most likely be a self fulfilling prophecy. The administrator may face opposition. He of course does not understand that he is just inept and will most likely claim persecution for his beliefs. Qualified teachers and staff most likely will leave. Parents will most likely not pull their kids but also may not promote the school in the future or give money. The local reputation of WMS will probably take another hit and mediocrity will prevail.
No one will ever understand what went wrong. I feel sad that I have been part of it.
On the other hand, I just ran into another parent yesterday. She was pretty upset about what happened. One of her children or friends children was in the room when the incident occurred. She says the kids were just clowning around and what my wife did was nothing. She says the kids at school are finally starting to figure out why my wife is no longer there and are starting to get upset about it.
It felt pretty good to say, "if you don't like it contact the school board, you are paying for a private school education and you deserve to get your money's worth."
Of course I know what the board will most likely say, they will blame my wife and I for agitating.


  1. Budde, never underestimate the power of social media. Maybe you need to start a facebook group re: the unfair dismissal. Get the students involved. Who knows. What do you have to lose. I'm sort of half way serious here.

  2. They should be glad they're dealing with you. Some folks would have already owned the place.

    1. Some folks would have been better at resolving the issue.

  3. And the administrator and school board members did follow the proper procedures? Please send me a copy of those procedures, should be your answer to that complaint.

    What often happens with inept administrators is that after a couple of years they start to feel the consequences of their ineptness, so they find a new job in a new town. That's not to say that the board then will rehire the victims of their ineptness, but there may be some small satisfaction in that.

    The administrator undoubtedly thought he could fire your wife and to find work she would have to slink away to another town or state. Townies don't understand, when you fire a farmer's wife, she isn't going to leave town.

    1. Well, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, as they say.
      I don't think they really understood just what they were doing.

  4. Time for a facebook page. Let us know so we can share with our friends.


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