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Sunday, February 2, 2014

I'm not listening to Pete Seeger

I keep getting outbid on the Lee Moses record. I got annoyed with the Grammy awards after reading Self Evident Truths.  I did watch the Madonna/Miley show. My theory is that Madonna is a vampire. She lives forever by sucking the soul out of young hot female musical artists. When she made out with Britney she stole her life force. Britney then self destructed. The question is, who vampired who at the Grammy performance this year? Will Madonna have to strike again as there was no soul to steal? Or will Miley start doing coffee table books in which she is nude?
I do see a flaw to my reasoning, I don't actually know if Britney Spears was ever good singer as I've never watch a Britney video with the sound on.
I figure great artists never make it into the top 40. If they are halfway good someone kills them off. Stevie Ray Vaughn won a couple grammies and then got into a helicopter.
Lee Moses toured with Jimi Hendrix. I just listened to Moses singing "Hey Joe." Lee Moses is dead. Jimi Hendrix is dead.
Unitarian churches around the country did not get together and sing "Bad Girl" in 1997 when Lee Moses died. I'd rather have heard "Hey Joe" then, "I have a hammer."
This has nothing to do with Lee Moses, just my ongoing annoyance with the Seegerites.
You know the thing is... Since the Russian revolution Communists have been killing people around the world. It is pretty well documented. Stalin killed a few million, The nutcase in Korea is still operating mass prison camps for political types.
Back when Pete Seeger was singing commie lite music and tell congress off there really were commie spies in the government. If anyone remembers there were nuclear weapons pointed back and forth between the two countries. We fought proxy wars in Korea and Vietnam.
We have filtered our history. Congress was crazy to worry about commies and Hollywood was brave to resist. Even though the Hollywood types were a bunch of rats who told on each other left and right.
In the end we didn't blow each other up and the USA has turned into a sort of anti-religious kind of progressive Police State where it is really hard to have a small business and there are regulations for every single thing you can do and the Soviet Union now has freedom of religion and you can pretty much do what you want as long as you pay off a couple mobsters.
So, yeah, I really like how the Pete Seeger message was interpreted by his listeners. Perhaps I've been a little hard on him. He just knew what was best for us, it was for our own good, so it went a little wrong. A few eggs got broken along the way...
Whatever, it is Sunday night and Monday means a new week. Corn photos and no-till planting and tractor repairs and chicken feed. Happiness without end! Whoop! Whoop!


  1. Four inches of fresh snow at my house. I don't expect the local farmers will be planting anything, or that my driving school will turn us loose in big expensive trucks.

    1. Perhaps you will get to practice "chaining up"
      You are a better man than I!

  2. so you got off the roof? who came and got you?

    1. Who said I was off the roof? We have wireless internet!

    2. 911 has been called. They will get there everntually.

    3. had a crowd gathered? maybe someone with a tractor can come and help get him down. *OFG stands around and watches what happens next...*

    4. If he had a hammer maybe somebody from the farmer's collective would hear him.

  3. I'll be home tomorrow, I can get the 806 and help you off the roof if it will start.

  4. Boy, oh, boy I think you are a bit too concerned about Pete Seeger. It is the case that some large cities of the more liberal persuasion have made it a challenge to have a small business but the liberal crowd is not the group that has exported all our jobs and debt to China with the result that the typical small business cannot compete with no-labor-cost products and not be able to sell to US people who now have no money to spend. Pete would have gotten you off the roof. Wall Street would have left you on the roof or made sure your Chinese ladder broke every time you used it.

    I'll go and listen to the Lee Moses link. Thanks.

    1. I think that in the modern world you will find business tycoons of both political persuasions. A giant company ran by liberals still sends jobs to China, they just give their money to different political parties and causes than their "conservative," counterparts.
      In the same thought process, I suspect Pete may very well have gotten me off the roof but but the local chapter of PETA might have left me up there for eating Lama-jerkey.
      Some of us feel screwed by both sides of the political aisle.
      It is getting a little chilly up here on the roof.


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