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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I get the G1355 to actually start up!

I kind of had lost hope. I never thought I'd see this tractor run. We don't even want to discuss the money spent on this tractor. It has the LAST set of oversize Minneapolis-Moine 585 cu inch in the world installed. They were not cheap.

There is a 50/50 chance you will get the injector pump timed correctly. Those of you who have followed my blog know which side of the 50/50 split I fell on. Not only was it 180 degrees off but when I reinstalled the pump I didn't compensate enough for the slip on the helical gear and I got it one tooth off.

It misses a little bit but it has good oil pressure. Now we have to fix all the oil and water leaks, put the cab back together, make sure the PTO works, make sure the lights work, figure out the oil cooler problem and fix the a/c.
Oh, and figure out why it is only hitting on five cylinders. It has a distinctive lope as if there is a problem with the advance on the injector pump. I'm not really sure if I can get it correctly timed without removing the pump.
Perhaps my brother will come back and help me. He is a mechanical genius.


  1. Having seen it sitting there in pieces, I am really proud of you. That was one big pile of heavy mixed up chunks of tractor. I don't know how you did it. Did you get "during" and after photos?
    Probably just a plogged injector. Think positive. You did remove the coffee cup from the #3 cylinder cup holder didn't you?

  2. A plugged new injector?
    Nothing goes like you think it should.

  3. Your lazy rep been damaged some.

    1. My brother rebuilt the engine. I mostly stood around and scratched my bottom. Ruined a good pair of coveralls that way!

  4. That's the problem with mechanical geniuses, they're never around when you need them. :-)

    1. Like when you are changing a tire alongside the road?

  5. I am impressed that you have the MM running. And I am almost inspired to get out there and work on the Massey, but at 0 degrees ....unheated shop. .Maybe I will just keep surfing Kijiji for an affordable replacement tractor.


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