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Thursday, February 20, 2014

A hay customer for MuddyValley

I got a call from the Uncle. A nice lady was at the shop looking for hay.
So wandered out to see what was up.
There was a girl waiting for me. She was not unattractive. She wearing bright red lipstick, a cropped denim jacket, low rider jeans, and leather boots. She wanted to buy three bales of hay.
You have to realize that while we don't have snow, it is cold, wet, and windy. 
The old guys at the coffee table were enjoying the show. One asked her if she didn't get cold dressed like that. She pulled up the jacket far enough that it probably recharged a couple pacemaker batteries and exclaimed that no she does not get cold.
She seemed happy.
Her husband or boyfriend stayed in the truck for the hay negotiation. He got out to help load hay. He seemed like a nice guy.
I asked them how they found me since I don't advertise and never answer my phone. They said neighbor's wife offended them so they came here to buy hay.
I gave her a good deal. She gave me cash and a smile.
I almost called up MuddyValley but figured it wouldn't take too long to load three bales and he was a long ways away.
As they were about to leave I heard a strange sound coming from the back seat in their truck. It was a baby.
Okay, now I'm officially impressed. Of course I didn't really look but... A child in a car seat who didn't really talk and the Mom has no stretch marks, she is wearing a cropped denim jacket and low rider jeans and no muffin top! 
How did she do it?
Perhaps I should have asked...


  1. Some days are just nicer than others .

    I do hope the pace makers were not over charged .

    Amazing what a bit of visual aids can do to the price of hay . :>)

  2. As long as there is one pretty girl left in the world, there's hope for mankind.

  3. I think it's possible that there was elk poop in one of those bales. Perhaps you should call her and offer an exchange. Let me know, I'll bring the camera.


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