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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Things that happen on the farm when you have kids of a certain age

I was baling hay the other day when I chanced upon a three-wheeler tire at the edge of the field. I was wondering what was up with that and I nearly missed the key to the whole crime scene.
Look closely at this photo. Can you reconstruct that happened?

That three-wheeler is pretty far into the blackberry vines. I have not seen any boys running around with broken arms or scratches so I assume it was not that serious.

Now here is the issue.
I've been to many safety meetings where the dangers of kids on a farm have been explained in great detail. There are terrible accidents that have happened. I am not downplaying that issue.
However, it seems that everyone has to learn the hard way.
The kids have been told to wear helmets and not drive around with a loose wheel but until someone gets hurt will they really listen?
You don't know the power of a firecracker until you nearly loose a finger. You can tell a kid to never lean over a irrigation valve opener when opening it or closing it, or to never stand in front of an irrigation pipe when you just turned the pump on, until the valve opener handle goes shooting past your head or you see a 40ft six inch pipe go flying 100 foot across a field.
The problem is, when that first accident is your last...
A Monday update for my loyal readers...


  1. You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel...

  2. We weren't exactly farmers but my dad had a tractor once. I loved to drive it around. Once I drove it to the top of the hill and when I turned around to come back down I remembered it didn't have much for brakes. Caught a little air going over that last bump.

    It's a wonder I survived long enough to reproduce.

  3. i think Left Bank of the Charles wins...

  4. We are all invincible until about age 25. Then the survivors try to pass on geezer advice. You're right. Somebody gets hurt, they'll learn. Or not. Sing it, Left Bank.

  5. I updated the blog to reflect the comments of Left Bank.


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