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Friday, July 12, 2013


In honor of yesterday's rambling post which has somehow got me thinking about girls baling hay.

And how to shift like a real trucker


  1. hay! thats me... except its a steep hill, i'm not flippin' my hair around, and i'm swearing like a sailor... except for all that its totally me. but who the heck makes hay in that outfit? she needs to put on a big floppy hat, decent work boots, and a long sleeved shirt. for heavens sakes.

  2. Saw farm couples in Norway putting it up like this, but nobody under mid sixties. Young folks had long since leaned their pitchforks in the shed and gone to Oslo.

    Truck ride looks like a real paint mixer.

  3. Wow! Look who's doing most of the work. Maybe he'll save enough to buy her a pair of boots.

    My Goodness! I just Googled images for "girls and Hay" I may have to rethink this whole tractor,mower,rake,baler thing.

  4. Handling hay that way might be fun for about ten minutes. I'd hate to take on a 40 acre field with that method though.

  5. Barefoot and in the kitchen, strike that, hayfield.


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