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Friday, February 15, 2013

Why J.D. is a folk hero

I was forced to watch Fox News the other evening while waiting for my daughter at guitar practice. They were talking about the infamous cop killer.
As they went on and on about the brave cops and the brutal killer I started to see the cops as the villains and the killer as the hero. Just because I could see they were lying.
They always lie.
Because I resented the whole claim that the cops were protecting the public when it was being made clear that the killer was not targeting the general public and the that LE didn't really care about anything but the Cop Killer killing cops.
Then the report expressed shock and amazement that he was becoming a "Folk Hero."
They show his big smiling photo and then they cut to cops in flak jackets and machine guns. Are they stupid? Are they trying to create a mythology around the man? Or are they stupid?
Then we saw the big lie about not purposely starting the fire that killed him.
Well of course they used devices in a way as to start the fire. That is why they had the news helicopters pull back. That all explains Waco. It happened exactly the same way.
But I still said to myself, this guy is crazy and it probably didn't happen that way. I'm just a crazy conspiracy theory guy.
Then I discovered someone had been listening to the police radio and had heard plan to burn him out. Actually was broadcasted on some news channels.
And there were the details of how he did not shoot his "hostages."
I wonder if the guy had not been such a really bad driver if he would not still be out there.
But yet he did kill the cops daughter.
But then again, who trained him?
But why do the so-called conservatives hate him so much?
So I found his manifesto and read it.
Very interesting reading, especially in light of how everything ended up.

CLICK HERE for the link

Read specifically paragraphs


And think about some recent news stories and ask your self if there is not a grain of truth here?
You do know that if the cops get your house instead of the obvious methhead next door they will bust your door down and shoot your dog and somehow blame you for resisting arrest and then in the end offer you perhaps a pittance. After all, it was for the public good...

And... Read paragraph 142.

I've heard this combination of conservatism and liberalism before from young people. Lots of people share his views. I think he was a nut, but he will go down as a hero. The California law enforcement community made sure of that. Adrenalin based police work in action and we saw the bullet holes to prove it.
But, back to my point.
The so-called conservatives hate him because he calls them out on the game they don't have the balls to follow though on.
Liberals should dislike him as well because he calls them out on their dislike of Bush.
But the conservatives claim to be doing "God's" work and don't want to be exposed as merely an obstructionist party, lining their own pockets.
Look how they all closed ranks on the cop killer. Especially when they are ranting about second amendment rights which they claim they will use to overthrow a tyrant. They don't have the guts to lead a revolution, all they can do is put up the most moronic candidates and fight over abortion rights and tax raises.
(I'm not bitter in the least)

Update: Link to an article where a Police Chief says this is not the guy I knew.

I suspect D was in need of mental help.


  1. There is no doubt in my mind the guy needed help.
    Unfortunately the LE community in general has developed an "us against them" attitude and has forgotten who "serve and protect" refers to. It applies to sick people like J.D. as well as the ladies the cops shot up for driving the wrong vehicle. This is one reason they go rabid with adrenalin when a gun gets pointed their way. Headlines: Cops in shootout.400 rounds fired. Bad guy wounded. If these guys practiced, shooting more than just to qualify once a year, maybe adrenalin wouldn't play such a major part in the battle and they could think clearer. I mean if you know your chance of hitting the target is one in a hundred, you probably won't bother to aim at all. Quantity over quality. Action before thought. Are they thinking about where all those missed shots are going? And now, at least in Calif. they have a shoot first identify the target last policy? Burned him up? They knew full well the possibility of fire from the grenades.

    1. And thus turned him into a hero. You could see it happening! In the advertising age perception trumps reality...

  2. Even if the guy was a few bricks shy of a load, it appears that he knew too much to chance letting him talk to the media.

  3. I got the same impression from the news reports. Seems they wanted to silence this guy pretty badly.


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