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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Galaxy revolves around the earth, specifically the part of the earth were the clever intellectuals live...

Ed Winkle has turned his blog over to a clever person. I actually like his posts and I'm sure he is a fine fellow but he does drink the kool-aid from time to time.
Got to Ed's blog and click on the links to the USDA study on climate change.
The USDA thinks MAN-MADE climate change is going to do more to kill agriculture in the USA than big Ag, Monsanto, or the recent bills passed by congress that makes it virtually impossible to legally sell produce that you grow yourself.
If it involved a traveling salesman it could come straight out of a Flannery O'Connor short story. (a pretentious plug to show I've read Absurdist literature)
The USDA's report on climate change supports Our Dear Leader's views (naturally) and probably has as much basis in reality as the wetlands project the NRCS did next door to us, which is working quite well I suppose, as it has flooded our farm which was probably the point.
Ok, so the climate goes through cycles. Perhaps we can predict those cycles. Great! But now we are going to have the government give us advice on how to solve this new crisis. Now there is a brilliant plan. Like bringing democracy to the mid-east, or all those failed conservation projects or peace through war or fighting a war on drugs while at the same time creating a huge market for drugs or bailing out banks or spending tax dollars to jump-start the economy.
But we do need a cause as money and influence are gained through change!
Perhaps we can pollute foreign countries with battery factories or kill bats with windmills or run the price of food through the roof by growing corn for fuel.
Heaven knows, the American farmer doesn't actually grow anything you eat. That all comes from Mexico and China...
It is all one big unfunny joke.
I suppose I just illustrated why I need to take Gene's advice and not worry about it...

Edit: Perhaps I should be perfectly clear.
1. I accept there are climate trends. I accept the earth may be entering or at the middle or at the end of a cooling or a warming period
2. I am undecided about how man affects these trends.
3. I am certain that whatever we do will be the wrong thing and much economic capital will be squandered.
4. I am certain that the group of people who are promoting the idea will make a lot of money.
5. I believe the concept of man made climate change has become part of the core belief system of many people.
6. If you give me 5 million dollars I research climate change in my own special way.
7. I like puppies - and grapes!
8. And pie, lots of pie. Pie, especially given to me, will stop climate change.


  1. Sure I'll vote for you for president. I'm glad you asked.

  2. I'll appoint you secretary of state!

  3. I doubt there has ever been a time when people didn't believe that the world was better in the "good old days".
    When the flood comes, we are several hundred feet above the valley floor. (highest point 800')You are welcome to join us. But I want at least a minor, appointed, position in your gov. We will make lots of pies. Unfortunately Daisy was fixed by the pound before we got her.


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