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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is so complicated.

Yesterday I took my father to get his pacemaker scanned. It was interesting. It was going to be the subject of today's post.
However, I was in a hurry and went to work early.
I gave up and came back in the house for more coffee.
I thought that by the time I got to this point in life I would learn to make quick and decisive decisions and learn to focus.
It seems to have gotten worse instead of better.
I would hesitate to reveal this information as I am sure all the local folks who read this blog see me as a pillar of the ag community- but I have heard many other farmers say the exact same thing.
I do not see the farmers whose influences came from people who grew up in the 1920's adapting well to the 21st century.
I am trying to buy a new GPS antenna. You can't really go to a show room and look at them. The salesmen often know less than you, and they are expensive.
I think I want the Novatel Smart AG V-1 with glide technology and built in tilt compensation. I doubt I will ever get RTK, unless I can steal a signal off of a local network. Hmmmm, an idea!
I am the only person I know of who is so cheap that they built their own GPS.... Well I used this software. (FarmerGPS)
-I need to buy bosch headlight relays which are an essential part of my GPS and foam marker and tractor lighting system.
-There are many different prices and types of Bosch headlight relays on eBay and I can't decide.
-I need to buy a woodstove
-I need to make feed, but this includes putting an ad on craigslist, calling Seattle Bag Company to find burlap bags, figuring out how to set up my LLC for selling feed with Quickbooks, Filling the new bins I bought, actually paying for the bins using my LLC, fixing the electric motor on the bin, fixing the auger on the other, going after an auger to fill the bin, and a couple other things I forgot.
So, I came back in the house to have more coffee.
Then I remembered that my brother told the fellow from the oil seed place that I was in charge of the farm and the guy is coming out to talk to me about growing flax.
And my some-times-a-great employee texted me that he is out of food and must go to the food bank so he will be in at 10 a.m.
I wonder if it would be possible to hire a retired farmer to just follow me around and tell me what to do?


  1. I tried to think of something witty or wise to say, but my witty ain't workin' and my wise is nowhere to be found.

  2. Not sure you'd want one following you round all the time. Be a bit like harry enfield's "You don't wanna do it like that"

    1. Kev, excellent point. It would perhaps make things worse.

  3. I'm dragging my feet this year too. I should be buying this spring's dry fertilizer and having it trucked into the yard before spring break up. But my fertilizer bin is still full of last year's flax that I should have already sold when it was a good price in December. What am I waiting for? I need to license the Loadstar to haul seed to and from the cleaning plant but first I should fix the leaking brake wheel cylinder. But its cold and dark in the shed. Excuses....excuses.


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