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Friday, February 22, 2013

An evening of Therapy

When I came in the house this evening there was a package of records awaiting me.
I’ve been trying to cut down on my vintage stereo obsession due the consternation that has  overcome me after hearing the USDA has declared Global Warming to be a major threat to American Agriculture.
The pleasure of an old Buck Owens album cannot overcome the absolute sense of doom that overcomes me whenever I hear of California being flooded due to the polar ice caps melting.
But, I put aside my worries and tore into the package with gusto.
I bought  The Greg Allman Tour on Capricorn Records, Buck Owens, I’ve got a tiger by the tale, and an EP by the Waitresses. (I don’t know why I bought that one)
As bonuses Mr. Stein also sent me Buck Owens, “I don’t care, and Kitty Wells, “Lonesome Sad and Blue.”
The first album I played was Buck Owens, “I don’t care.” It was an album I didn’t see listed in his auctions and I prefer it to “Tiger by the Tale.”
I only bought “Tiger by the Tale,” for songs, “The Band Keeps Playin’ On,” and “Fallin’ For You.”
I find some of the more familiar classic songs a bit tiresome.
“Lonesome Sad and Blue” has the classic “I don’t care,” but also throws in some little heard classics, “This Ol’ Heart,” and an amusing rendition of “Stand by Your Man,” wth Doyle (Buckaroo) Holly.
Buck Owens cranked out a few albums in his time and is probably best experienced on a best of CD compilation but I like the cracks and pops of old vinyl. This music was meant to be heard on an AM radio for cryin’ out loud!

These were not perfect albums but then I did not buy them as such. If I were more depressed I would build a record cleaner instead of working on tractors and wandering around aimlessly and worrying about Global Warming. I need less focus in my life…
I moved on to the Gregg Allman tour album but it seems the old Dynaco is getting a bit weak. I can’t achieve much volume before I get severe distortion. However if I turn down the volume and turn on the Loudness control it does sound better. I have four speakers connected with a Dynaco QD-1 adapter. But the sound does not improve if I disconnect it. I suspect the output caps on the ST-180 amp.
I need to disconnect the Dynaco and go back to my trusty Kenwood KA-3500 that has served me since 1984.
Gregg Allman is fine but I miss Duane's guitar. I think this was the tour right after Duane’s death.
I’m listening to “Will the Circle be Unbroken,” and my wife appeared with a somewhat quizzical look and observed that I must have got a good lot of records this time.

She is long suffering and doesn’t hate the Allman Brothers or Buck Owens.
Perhaps I shall this opportunity to let the tubes cool and tuck in my daughter. I’m thinking the days of putting the kid to bed are getting close to an end. 
Since I can't afford the Chiropractor I no longer get the chance to check out GoodWill and the Garage Sale store at 9 a.m. in the winter.
I keep getting outbid on further purchases. I wanted albums by Dave Dudley, The Kinks, Jimi Hendrix,  Jerry Byrd, and the Ventures but I can't own them all.


  1. Amid all that vintage vinyl country angst, is 'days of putting the kid to bed are getting close to an end' the punch line here?

  2. Might I suggest as an addition to your next bulk purchase::
    Doug Kershaw, Alive & Pickin' – Great 1975 LIVE album, Near Mint Buy it now $2.99


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