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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sometimes I can't believe what I read...

Does this new bright shining star in the GOP actually realize what he is saying?
Click here for McCain not understanding torture!
I am sorry. I guess I was raised with different ideals.
The USA does not torture people. We are the city on the hill! We may firebomb and nuke entire cities but we don't put bamboo shoots under people's fingernails. There is a difference!
I guess it is official. There is no more United States of America!
We have become the evil empire...
When the USA is in a conflict that requires "enhanced interrogation techniques," we are doing something very seriously wrong. If a US soldier can't say to the captured enemy, "look buddy, tell us what's going on and you'll get a ticket to the USA, where you can open a mini-mart, plus, here's a Snickers as a measure of good face" and have the guy spill the beans, then we need some self examination!
We have always been at war with East Asia...
PS-I was on my way to plant corn but this just pisses me off! McCain my be the manchurian candidate, he may be crazy, I wouldn't vote for him BUT... The guy was tortured and saw his buddies tortured and I think he knows a heck of a lot more about it that Rick Santorim or what ever his name is. Does anyone on NewsMax have any perspective at all?
AND I like to think of myself as a conservative...


  1. I noticed that too. Based on his experience, my nod goes to McCain.
    As for Santorum..a bit of a lightweight: "In the November 2006 election, Santorum lost, with 41% of the vote to Casey's 59%,the largest margin of defeat ever for an incumbent Republican Senator in Pennsylvania.

  2. I've said it before, I'll say it again, the reason I left the Republicans is because I couldn't tell them from the Democrats anymore!

  3. BB, I know bad things happen in war but you can't defend them as a legit tactic. Especially when it is not the heat of the moment. If you haul them back to a prison and do it to them it is top down policy. Santorum is another example of conservative being desperate that they will listen anything that sounds even remotely close to what they want to hear.

    Gorges, It is not that you can't tell them from Democrats, it is that you can't tell them from utter morons. You can't justify war crimes. What happens when it is us on the other side? If we are willing to commit atrocities and torture then can't the same reasoning be applied to flying an airplane into a great public building? (a bit of a stretch, but perhaps not. narrowing the gap between freedom fighter and terrorist...)


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