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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ironic corn planting?

The farmer thought it was funny to no-till GMO corn into non-GMO sugarbeets which had just been sprayed with round-up. Now that the lawsuit against GMO sugar beets appears to be dead the seed company no longer wants the non-GMO seed and is paying the farmer to kill the crop-with round-up...
Not sure if I am doing this correctly. Only planting 1 1/2" deep but right into good moisture. The Keeton Seed firmers are putting the seed right at the bottom of the furrow. I need better closing wheels. I'm looking at the Shaffert single disk that attaches to the our single closing wheel.

In other excitement Muddyvalley brought me a pile of records which I have yet to go through, so books, and a glass swan for Sadie. I also gave her the Amelia Earhart book.
Quite an interesting collection I must say.
Perhaps i will have more time for describing the treasures tomorrow.
I have found the planter works better below 4 mph in this no-till situation. Not really high production I must say...

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